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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Poor Babysitters and Schnauzer In Trouble

It was such a beautiful Sunday morning, we got the convertible out of the garage, dropped Emmi at Nat’s and headed to Billings to do a small Costco run—just some produce—I wish all our Costco receipts were as small as the one today.  I guess if we took the convertible every time the receipts would be way less—no trunk and very little storage space!  Kind of like going to Costco on a motorcycle! 

Our little grocery store in Big Timber has the worst produce!  Buy lettuce one day, you better use it the same day—the next day it will be rotten.  The other day they had these tiny, shriveled up cantaloupes for $4 each—do they seriously think someone is going to buy those?? 

When Michael was out at Jill and Terry’s the other day picking up the roofing tin/metal he dropped his glasses, just cheap readers but his favorite pair in a metal case.  He knew exactly where he dropped them so today after retrieving Emmi we headed out there to find the glasses. 

Michael and Terry started off across the lawn taking Emmi with them.  Jill and I retired to the porch.  Jill has chickens—Emmi chased them the other day when we were out there.  All of a sudden here comes Emmi running to me soaking wet.  Terry and Michael come around the corner—seems Emmi not only chased the chickens, when Michael caught up with her she had chicken feathers in her mouth!!!  And somehow she had fallen into the irrigation ditch!!!  Good job Emmi—now you certainly won’t be invited to their house again! Smile  And good job Michael and Terry—you both flunk baby/dog sitting!

Oh, my, I am in heaven—I just tried a new ice cream recipe which is to die for,  Coffee Butter Almond Ice Cream—the recipe was in the book which came with my Cuisinart ice cream maker.  My new favorite ice cream!! 



  1. oh my Emmi had a 'bad day'!! the ice cream sounded yummy, even if I don't like the taste of coffee!

  2. You know men can't baby/dog sit:) Guess Emmi learned a lesson the hard way. Poor thing.

    Now that sounds like a heavenly ice cream flavor. Too bad we are so far away.

  3. Poor Emmi. When she decides to "walk on the wild side" she really does it up good. I'll remember not to buy any produce in BT when we go through there.

  4. Did Mike find his glasses? You didn't say...

  5. Poor Emmi...dogs will be dogs!! And the poor chicken! At least there was no chicken stew for dinner! Your ice cream sounds WONDERFUL...(can you tell that I am on a diet?ugh! BUT I'm on a roll...)
    Have a great week!

  6. Sounds like Emmi had a great time! That ice cream sounds delicious.


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