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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

We enjoyed lunch with Nat today—celebrating Father’s Day.  Steak on the grill, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots and leftover chocolate cake for dessert.  After lunch Michael and Nat went up and used the sawmill to saw a log into boards—just to see if the mill still worked. Smile I took a nap!


My own Dad died in 2002 and I still miss him so much—I would give just about anything to hear him say, “now, daughter,” in his long, drawn out southern drawl.  Happy Father’s Day Dad!

IMG_20130616_0002_NEW-001My Dad here in Montana about a year before he died.

IMG_20130616_0001_NEWMom and Dad, not sure how old this photo is—that’s the Beartooth Mountains in Montana in the background so it was probably taken since I moved here in 1994.

We are also glad as a family to have Chuck—he and Mom married several years ago and we are happy to have him as a member of our family!IMG_5921Sorry Chuck, not the greatest photo but couldn’t find another one! Winking smile



  1. What a nice post! Great pictures, too.

  2. I sure see the resemblance of your Father in you, Janna - it's striking. My Father passed away in 2002 also. Nice post and pics.


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