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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We Are A Bit Tired Of Driving

Early this morning we were on the road to Billings leaving Ms. Emmi with Nat for the day.  We managed to finish all our errands—Wal Mart, Costco, etc.—before meeting Greg and Jan for lunch at Famous Dave’s.  Once again here are four people who are strangers to each other and somehow we found enough to talk about that we occupied a table for over 2 hours!  Greg used to install satellite dishes, so did Michael.  Jan loves to read a lot of the same authors I do.  We had a very pleasant and enjoyable time getting to know these two fellow bloggers.  They took a photo of us but I wasn’t thinking—instead I snagged a good one from their blog:

Greg and Jan

After lunch it was time for my hair appointment followed by Michael’s routine doctor visit which checked out just fine.  Home sweet home about 6:30pm after retrieving Emmi.  I don’t think I want to ride in a car for a while!  Our weather is warming up—87 degrees in Billings today!

Anyone know where you can still get regular incandescent light bulbs???  Those fluorescent bulbs forced upon us by the powers that be stink as in they don’t last!  We bought three LED bulbs today and made a large dent in a $100 bill!!!  Ridiculous!!!  Yes, the LED’s do last and are supposed to use a lot less power but we will be in the poor house by the time we replace the older bulbs in our house! 


  1. You can get all the light bulbs you want up here, and get a visit in too.

  2. You guys have covered a few miles in the last few days. We start warming up tomorrow but only for a couple of days and then back down into the 80's next week. That works for me. Helena is so green and beautiful. Hope it stays this way through the rest of the summer.

  3. Janna and Mike,

    Jan and I really enjoyed meeting ya'll and had a great time getting to know you. Hope we'll be able to get together sooner rather than later.

    Greg and Jan White

  4. Janna, When you mentioned satellite dishes, a mental alarm went off. My Bill worked all over the world supervising the installation of the huge Telstat, and RCA and other types of tracking stations. Steel work. Telescope work at Mt. Hopkins in AZ. Is this the kind of satellite work Mike did? If so perhaps Bill and Mike crossed paths.

  5. Isn't it amazing how we meet our blog friends and it is as if we have been friends forever. Glad you had a great visit.

    Don't want to miss that hair appointment. I do know how important that is.

    Good luck with the light bulb search!

  6. Canada's ban on incandescent light bulbs goes into effect next year. Most of our stores are selling the CFP's now.

    I hear you on the driving - it can get to be a little much sometimes.

  7. Luckily my hubby hoarded boxes of incandescent bulbs. I love their warm glow, rather than the new energy efficient ones!!


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