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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lots Of This And That

Well, now—we must have had one heck of a gust of wind last night or yesterday afternoon—we neither one noticed any strong winds but our horse shelter sure noticed!!  We have a three sided shelter for the horses to get in out of the weather or to get away from the flies—this morning we found the shed upside down on its roof!!  We didn’t notice anything else out of the ordinary—maybe an aspen tree or two down but nothing else—strange!

I sprayed weeds this morning—an on going battle on 40 acres, packed up a quilt for shipping and made lunch.  After lunch we headed to town with the truck and trailer—first stop was at Nat’s to retrieve some railroad ties he had.  While Michael was loading the ties Emmi and I borrowed Nat’s truck for our run out to the vet to get Emmi a rattlesnake vaccine.  Yes, there is a vaccine for rattlesnake bites.  The vaccine does not totally prevent the bitten dog from getting sick but does greatly lessen the symptoms.  In Emmi’s case, as small as she is, the vaccine might save her life according to our veterinarian. 

Off to Livingston we went—to buy some 16 foot long poles for the shed Michael is building.  Oh The Places They Go—Pam and John, this photo is for you

IMG_7181We Montana women are versatile and many of us have heavy equipment experience. Smile Notice the driver of this loader is a woman—she was extremely adept at loading those poles for us.

We came home “over the mountain” via the West Boulder Road and stopped in to see Lonn and LoraLee for a bit.  The scenery today was just awe inspiring—there were thunderstorms in the area making for strange lighting.  Wouldn’t you love to have the view from the house on the hill?? 


Tonight I went out to the McLeod Bar to have a celebratory drink with the yoga group—Judy was celebrating a birthday—71 years and I sure hope I’m doing yoga when I’m 71!!!  SmileThis is a bittersweet week for our yoga group—our instructor Ebbie announced to the group on Tuesday that she is leaving.  Her reasons are very sad and we are very sad for her and for ourselves.  Sad smile

And finally some quilt photos.  I take photos of every quilt I longarm quilt, tonight I was looking for the photos I took of the quilt I sent Gina and Rollie’s daughter Nicole to celebrate the birth of their twins.  Nope, no photos—dang it, I will just have to wait for Nicole to slow down long enough to take photos of those babies on that quilt!  But here are a couple I just did for my Aunt Margaret.

Aunt Marg Log Cabin2

Aunt Marg Log Cabin5




  1. That was interesting on the rattlesnake shot. We have small dogs but our vet doesn't give to the dogs said the shot can be to hard on them. maybe I should check with another vet and see

  2. Love the woman driving the loader!! I guess I am in awe of these women. I am really a weenie when it comes to this type thing. I won't even drive the motorhome!

    You quilts are beautiful!! Glad you shared:)

  3. Your quilts are stunning!!! Wonder what tipped the horse shelter over? Perhaps a bear?

  4. Our daughter here in Texas has her dogs vaccinated for rattlesnake bites... Jack, the terrier, got bitten last year and is still around today. Your quilts are lovely... I especially like the one in the first photo.

  5. Your scenery shots are stunning!! But it's the quilts that take my breath away!! Your feathers are to die for...well almost! ;o) ( After age 60, I shouldn't say things like THAT!! Yikes!! ) Seriously, love looking at your quilting...I would really like to PIN these two quilts...if that's alright?

  6. We had 57 mph gusts through here last night. And over around you guys the weatherman kept talking about the storms that were rolling through. Absolutely gorgeous mountains.

  7. I like that first mountain shot best...with that weaving road leading your eyes right to the mountains. :)

  8. That is an incredible view those folks have and I am sure that it is just an optical illusion that the house is built on an angle. No wheels on your chair in there.


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