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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It’s that time of year when the skies darken, you hear distant thunder, the lightening streaks, the thunder comes closer, the lightening begins to “pop” and the rain or hail starts to fall.  This afternoon in the space of about 10 minutes we got half an inch of rain and just small pea sized hail.  Another storm just blew through again with more rain than hail. 

It was yoga day and we had a pleasant surprise, our instructor, Ebbie,  had some visiting friends who just graduated from instructor school with her.  One of the ladies sells a variety of essential oils and did a presentation.  Plus Ebbie had prepared an awesome lunch for us—a very nice surprise!

Back home I made Michael lunch—Ebbie offered to send him a plate home but I didn’t think he would want quinoa salad or caprese salad??? 


Tomorrow I am heading off on a little trip—remember we had contracted with a vehicle transport company to haul my Cadillac from Corpus Christi to Montana??  Well, they never could find a semi driver who was willing to transport the car for the price quoted us!!!  And they were pains in the butt about giving me my deposit back—but I persevered and the charge was removed from my credit card.  So, I am flying to Corpus tomorrow and driving the car back here to Montana—a long, long drive but I will be fine.  I have driven from Arkansas to Montana by myself a couple times, it’s not that much farther. 

So, I spent the afternoon packing my suitcase, removing one quilt from the frame and loading another.   In between Emmi and I played basketball.


My iPod and I are still struggling—downloading audiobooks to iTunes and the iPod used to be a fairly simple process using Overdrive Media Console.  Something changed recently—did I inadvertently change a setting somewhere, has iTunes changed something—I am having one heck of a time.  Lonnie tried to help me last night and today I sent an SOS to Rick as I know his wife Paulette listens to audiobooks while quilting.  Rick sent me a Youtube video—the method described in the clip does work but only if the audiobook file is one recognized by iTunes as in not a WMA file—thanks Rick! 

There are dozens of free applications which convert WMA books to Mp3 format but until tonight I hadn’t found one which would actually work.  This one—Freemake—might work but I am skeptical, the program so far in 30 minutes as only partially converted one part of a 16 part book?????

So, tomorrow’s blog will be coming to you from Aransas Pass, Texas—Michael and Emmi are staying home and holding down the fort.


  1. I was looking at the Billings forecast and saw that T-storms are predicted for every afternoon for the next week at least. I really don't like those and neither does Scooter. She will be a mess before this is over with. Be careful driving back and be safe.

  2. Be Safe and Enjoy the trip.

    It's about time.

  3. Drive carefully! Hope you were able to get some audio books downloaded for the journey.

  4. Safe travels to you. Please if you get drowsy pull over and take a break!! That's a hike to go it alone.

  5. Rock on woman! A cross country trip in a Cadillac...kind of reminds me of Thelma and Louise. Safe travels to you.

  6. Hope you get yours books downloaded before the trip!! I download my books onto my laptop and listen on that. I have a set system but it is a lot different than no help! Safe travels!!!

  7. Safe travels and enjoy your trip! :-)

  8. Safe travels Janna. I love driving myself to Arizona. How long will it take???

  9. Safe travels. Jana, I listen to audio books all the time when sewing, machine embroidery or at the long arm. My question is are you trying to download audio books to your iPod from the library or from If it from a local library, using Overdrive, they or Overdrive have very good prompts and tutorials. If you subscribe to there is a new App to download to your iPod for books. It works great. I'm using it now and downloaded Nora Roberts new book "Whiskey Beach".


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