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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Of Those Disappearing Days

Cold morning with low hanging clouds all around us—made it look as if our mountains had disappeared.


After our walk Michael went back to digging and I went to yoga.  It was almost lunch time when I got back and by the time I made lunch and cleaned the kitchen it was mid-afternoon, one of those disappearing days!

LoraLee called to tell us they were heading to Great Falls tomorrow to see Laci and take her out for a birthday dinner—we had some presents for Laci, birthday and belated wedding—we drove over this afternoon late to take our presents and had dinner.  Granddaughter Katie made a delicious meal—a shrimp/garlic/cream sauce pasta dish that was fantastic!  LoraLee mentioned the other day that rhubarb crisp sounded good—my rhubarb is going crazy this year so that was my contribution to dinner. 

I really need a couple days of sunshine! 

Leah and ElizabethMy sweet great-nieces, Leah and Elizabeth.  My sister-in-law Vicky took a bunch of photos of the girls the other day—she does a great job photographing people.


  1. You have less than two weeks to improve that weather up there.

  2. Some days are like that! BUT it sounds like you had a great feast and you didn't have to cook so it wasn't all bad! We had a beautiful day yesterday but this morning it is back to clouds...and maybe rain! :o((( You take care!

  3. Cloudy days make us appreciate the sunny ones, don't they?

  4. Gee, your clouds over the mountains looks just like our view this morning! Very strange sight as the clouds move around the mountains.

    Cute great nieces!!

    Janna, it took us LOTS of practice to get that self photo thing going. Probably the new camera was the biggest help. Much easier to hold and click!

  5. Wishing for sunny days in Wisconsin too!!!

  6. We know about those disappearing days, seems like once we get going on the lawns and yard around here the sun tears across the sky at warp speed and before we know it, it is evening.


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