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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can You Believe We Needed A Heater??

It was cold at our house this morning, 37 degrees—we started out with sun, had rain and wind, ending the day with a little sunshine but still not very warm!  Our basement is heated with radiant floor heating which does not provide instant heat, it takes a while to generate any heat—we hate to have it on this time of year as one day it is hot the next day it is 37 degrees.  The studio is right under our master bedroom so if the radiant heat is on our bedroom gets too warm.  It was cold in my basement quilting studio—I was wearing a long sleeve shirt plus a sweater and still had really cold hands.  My dear husband said this morning, “I think I have some baseboard electric heaters around, why don’t I just install one in your quilting room?”  Isn’t he just the best! 

IMG_7199The mountains look as if they are smoking this morning.

I loaded a quilt for Mom onto the quilting frame taking a break from gardening, resting my poor back.  This afternoon we headed up the Boulder hoping it wasn’t going to rain us out—we were going to Tom and Gay Watt’s party called the Watt’s Happening.  The music is great, lots of friends and neighbors, plus the food is delicious!!  Almost all my quilt retreat group were there—it was so good to see them—lots of hugs and yacking!  Only in Montana do you have to wear long pants, two shirts and a jacket on the second day of summer!  No flip flops for me tonight!

IMG_7206You can tell which of these folks has lived in Montana a long, long time—the guy on the left ( our friend Steve) with the heavy coat—he knows what to wear for July in Montana! 

IMG_7204The music man—he does a great job!

IMG_7205IMG_7207Tom and Gay on the stage with Jack.

A very good day in Montana even if I did have to wear real shoes and socks on the second day of summer!


  1. You might have had to wear a coat but at least your feet were dry, unlike the folks in Calgary. I can remember wearing coats like that on the Fourth of July here in Nebr. one year. I think it's been an odd weather year anyway. Last year it was SO hot and dry. This year winter went on and on with snow every week up through the first part of May and now it rains at the drop of a hat. Farmers had a hard time getting crops planted and getting hay dry is almost impossible. Crazy weather!!

  2. I am a little jealous, we have not seen a low below 70 in weeks:)

  3. Are you sure you weren't in Wisconsin? We didn't need the heat on, but I had jeans and a sweatshirt on!! And the weather guys were predicting 80's and high humidity. Boy were they off!!! Perhaps as the summer goes on the weather will straighten itself out. Sure been a mixed up year. Oh well great for painting!!!

  4. Bet you're glad you're not still in TX, where we've been at 100 ever since you left! And still not a drop of rain. :( Looks like y'all had lots of fun!

  5. All that company was sure to warm you up. We've been turning our furnace on in the early morning for a quick blast of hot air too - it beats wearing a parka indoors.

  6. Be glad you have weather that requires putting clothes on. Here in Missouri you can't take enough off. I'll swap you some heat and humidity for a little of your cool weather!!!

    Looks like a wonderful party with friends, even if it was a little chilly.

  7. We spent the night at Wheat Montana at the cut off to Helena. It got down right cold. The sun is shining here in Helena today but I still have a sweatshirt on. But I'm thinking this might be better than the heat down in AZ. Maybe. And Montanan's sure don't let the weather get in the way of a good time.

  8. Strange weather - everywhere, it seems! I agree with the positive side of dressing up for cold temperatures over having to deal with extreme heat. Nice outdoor party to attend though!


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