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Friday, June 14, 2013

In For The Night

700 miles today making a total of 1500 miles I’ve driven in two days.  I was going to go on home tonight but just couldn’t do it.  I landed in Buffalo, WY in a Hampton Inn, quite the step up from my last two night! 

Michael once again served as my travel agent finding me a hotel room—this is the “season” in this area of the country and hotels/motels are expensive.  He found a room on Expedia at the Buffalo, WY Hampton Inn for $109.  When I called the hotel I was told they couldn’t match an internet price??, but I could book that price online.  So, Michael tried booking it with Expedia and once he entered all our information received a message saying, “our servers are overloaded, try again later.”  He tried twice and gave up.  By this time I was exiting at Buffalo, WY.  The young ladies at the desk were amazing.  Once again they told me the online price could not be matched (their price, $139) but I was welcome to use their business center computers and try booking it online again.  They even suggested another website,—success, room booked online for $109—by the time I got back to the desk they had my key ready! 

Colorado was so smoky today—it is so sad all those people have lost their homes.  I talked to Ellie who with Jim is in Colorado Springs—their campground is full of evacuees. 

You know you are in Wyoming when the woman at the liquor store says, “sure I can open your bottle of wine for you!!”  And off you drive!  I did not feel like going out to dinner, too weary, but wanted a glass of wine.  Found the grocery store, bought some cheese and crackers and went next door to the liquor store (you can’t buy beer or wine in Wyoming grocery stores).  I didn’t have a wine opener with me but the clerk was perfectly willing to open the bottle but then remembered she had some cheap corkscrews—she gave me one!  Only in Wyoming!

Less than 300 miles tomorrow and I will be home—I am ready!


  1. So glad you had a good travel day. Sorry I didn't catch you in time for you to take a short break with us, but we'll see you soon. A liquor store that opened your wine for you? Awesome! Travel safe tomorrow!

  2. Don't you just love those down home folks that treat you like a long lost best friend!!
    Safe travels tomorrow. It will feel good to sleep in your own bed, and so much cheaper!!

  3. Be sure to wave at us as you fly past tomorrow. I'm sure you will be on the road much earlier than we are. Almost there.

  4. You must arise at dark o'clock to travel that much distance in a day. Either that, or the audio book is an enthralling page-burner and the mounties are el-gone-o from the roads. How do you DO it?

    In awe,

  5. You are amazing!! I can't even begin to imagine making this trip by myself, let alone driving that far in a day. The final 300 miles will be a breeze!

    Sounds like a perfect dinner to me:)

  6. Nice of the store clerk to open your wine for you. It'll be a great feeling to roll into your driveway sometime this afternoon, I'm sure. Drive safely.

  7. There are some truly fine folks out there. To offer to open your wine bottle - then give you a corkscrew - is great. I'm sure you enjoyed the drink after a long day at the wheel.

    Homeward bound....!

  8. we're in Buffalo too, but NY !! You are so brave to do all that driving...Be safe and sleep well!!


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