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Friday, June 21, 2013

Still Aching!

Got up this morning feeling pretty good in spite of all my digging and bending yesterday so I decided to tackle the big garden—what was I thinking?????  Michael brought me a skidsteer loader scoop of horse manure, I tilled and tilled that fertilizer into the soil then covered the unplanted ground with black plastic.  Because we arrived back in Montana so late this year our garden is small and I am tired of weeding all that extra ground space!  After lunch I decided to weed the strawberry path which hasn’t been weeded probably since last spring—good gracious!!  Now I can hardly get out of the chair by back hurts so bad.  I think I will quilt tomorrow—you think????

Michael worked on his shed project all day—a thunderstorm rolled in about 4pm and I dashed up to get him in the Kawasaki mule—wish I had taken the camera, it was spectacular watching the storm coming in.

Our thought and prayers are with our Canadian friends—all that rain John and Brenda are getting is scary!  At the moment they are not in any danger of flooding at their place but friends and relatives have been evacuated near Calgary.  The photos of the Calgary area defy imagination—using grain combines and huge dump trucks to rescue people, water covering cars—very scary!

We are still so amazingly glad to be back in Montana—I bet one of us states on a daily basis—“gosh, it is so good to be home in Montana!” 

IMG_7172Once again the columbine in our flower beds is just beautiful—that’s one thing which grows really well in Montana.


  1. Columbines are my all time favorite flower. That one is a beauty. Sounds like you need a hot tub up there. ;)

  2. You really must be careful. I know it isn't easy to do a little at a time; it isn't in our nature. But...

    That columbine is so perfect it doesn't look real! Beautiful:)

  3. Thanks Janna. It is pretty much a nightmare for a lot of our neighbouring communities. Hoping they open the Highways in the next few days so we can bring our new dogs home.

  4. It is good to have Janna from Montana back home, although we would rather you kept your weather home with you. At least for a while anyway.

  5. As the saying goes 'there's no place like home' glad you are happy in Montana!!!


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