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Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Finished Another Started

It was another nice, warm, sunshine filled day but now we can hear thunderstorms in the distance.  After our walk this morning I put a pot of vegetable beef stew on the stove and started bread dough rising.  Nat joined us for lunch—we enjoyed watermelon and cantaloupe with the stew.  For dessert I tried a new recipe I saw in a magazine—blackberry frozen yogurt—but because I didn’t have any blackberries, mine became strawberry frozen yogurt and it was delicious!!  Puree 12oz of fruit, add a 32oz container of 2% plain yogurt (I only had non-fat so that’s what I used) and honey to sweeten—the recipe calls for 3/4 cup to 1 1/2 cups of honey—I used the 3/4 cup and think the recipe could have even used a little less.  Place all the mixed ingredients into your ice cream maker and voila, you have frozen yogurt in about 20 minutes—and healthy too!

I finished Aunt Margaret’s little log cabin quilt today, loaded another one for her and got about a third of that one quilted.  Michael has started a building project, adding onto our storage shed up in the pasture.  He has been on the little mini-excavator most of the day—sure am glad we were born in the days of machinery instead of digging all that with a shovel!!

The Canon printer (Pixma MX922, Rick) has continued to sit in the guest room.  I did receive an email from Canon with a list of things to try but I refused to spoil my Sunday fighting that stupid thing!  I will tackle it tomorrow, maybe! Smile And yes, we would love to try an Epson printer but Costco doesn’t carry those at this time—their return policy and their free technical support is just too good to consider buying things such as cameras, computers and printers anywhere else in our opinion. 

I noticed Rick had a spam comment on his blog yesterday morning—a spammer with a Blogger profile—blank of course when you try to view the profile but a profile none the less.   My longarm quilting machine is made by American Professional Quilting Systems, APQS.  In the last year the company redesigned their forum partly in response to the increasing amount of spam which was getting through onto the forums.  Well, today the forum just disappeared—a GoDaddy page popped up when trying to navigate to the forum web address.  The good folks at APQS have the forum back up and running but what a complete waste of someone’s time—dealing with these spammers and their strange agendas!

Boone Mtn.I’m sorry you guys are having to look at photos of the same mountains all the time but maybe you are like us—we never get tired of looking at these mountains!


  1. You are right, next to our mountains, we like to look at yours best!

  2. You keep taking photos of that same old mountain, and I will keep on looking at that same old mountain. Like you I never tire of looking at it!!!

  3. Your mountains are beautiful - how could anyone get tired of them. I just don't want to live in them in the winter.

  4. I blocked that guys G+ Profile and reported him - hopefully, he's gone. It was a strange message as it didn't have the usual ad link.

    I'm not sure what the install instructions said with the Canon printer. But, if you wanted to try it again, here's what I'd do:

    go into your Control Panel and completely remove all Canon Printer programs.
    Then, forget about installing anything like WiFi or Network for now
    Insert the Setup CD Rom and follow the instructions for connecting a printer to your computer via USB
    Just connect your printer to your computer as you normally would using the USB cable

    If the printer installs and works fine connected to one computer then you should be able to move on to install it on your Wifi Network right from the printer's control panel. This is how I setup my Epson.

    If that doesn't work - take it back to Costco with a few hammer blows!!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that we are missing the "Hammer" down here in South Texas.


  6. Ditto on loving the Boulder mountain area. Feels so remote and I guess it is.


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