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Monday, June 3, 2013

Success But Not Without Some More Frustration

We have a printer and it even prints wirelessly!!!  Imagine that!! After lunch I called Canon and got this nice young man—poor guy, he didn’t know what he was getting into when he answered that phone call!  When he told me I needed to call my anti-virus software company, Anti-Malware, and ask for codes which would allow me to enter through the back door so to speak in order to install this printer, I came uncorked!!!  In no uncertain terms I told him what I thought of the install procedure for Canon printers. 

When I calmed down I asked him what would happen if I uninstalled the Malware program temporarily.  He told me our call was being recorded (I knew that), the techs could not tell someone to remove their anti-virus software due to liability BUT if I made that decision he thought the process would work and darned if he wasn’t right!!!  I was uninstalling the software as he was explaining to me why he couldn’t tell me to do so, he walked me through the same steps I had done at least 10 times and all of a sudden I had a printer!!  The process worked as it should have in the first place!! 

When speaking with the Costco technician on Saturday he had me turn off the Windows firewall and my Microsoft Security Essentials but didn’t think the Anti-Malware would be a problem.  So much for his “thinking!” Smile

It was just a nasty day here, cool, windy with rain squalls every ten minutes it seemed.  IMG_7071

This morning I finished Aunt Margaret’s other quilt and after dealing with Canon I loaded another quilt backing onto the longarm.  The backing fabric is that delicious red Moda Luna Norte wide back—I thought about keeping it and substituting something else but decided the customer probably wouldn’t like that very much!

Michael worked on his digging project all day—he even went and got the big backhoe to make easier work of all that digging.  He got an email and we got a blog comment from one of his Texas working buddies—seems they miss the cowboy down there.  It is hard to leave behind people who have become good friends not knowing if your paths will cross again.  Sad smile

A very productive Montana day! 


  1. Alleluia!!!! Now you can get a good nights sleep, without worrying how to get that darn printer to work!!!

  2. So glad to hear you have overcome your printer problems! Now, please tell us how you like the Canon.

  3. Glad you finally got the printer working! Boy, what a job!

  4. It sounds to me like Canon has some issues with their printer drivers. That's really nuts to have to turn all that stuff off just to install a printer. I love Canon cameras but I've never owned a Canon printer. Maybe I never will.

    Good for you on sticking with it and getting the job done, but, what a hassle.


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