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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Sunny Day

I bet if I have said, “it is such a gorgeous day,” once today, I’ve said it at least 10 times!  After yoga this morning, several of us enjoyed a cup of tea on Ebbie’s deck by the East Boulder River—it doesn’t get any better than that!

Lunch then Michael was off with the truck and trailer to gather the load of metal/tin roofing materials he purchased from Terry.  It took them a long time to load the metal and get it securely tied down for the trip back up the Boulder. 

Michael had started the weed whacking before he left for town and I finished what little he hadn’t done.  Our house has extra wide eaves and when winter arrives I push our patio furniture up under those eaves providing a little protection for the pieces.  While we were gone to Texas it appears a whole flock of robins decided to use a couple of the chairs, the deck and the bedroom windows as their own private bathroom—gross!  It took me a while with the hose and a brush to get the furniture clean again.  I put the seal of summer on the deck putting out the umbrellas and the flag—it’s officially summer at our cabin on the East Boulder.

When Michael came home we had a little happy hour on our deck—we listen to the creek and watch all the birds coming and going—plus we enjoyed the sunshine.

Tonight I made two chocolate pies—YUM! 

IMG_3640Taken June, 2012


  1. So you have those beautiful mountains AND a creek!! Perfect!!

  2. How about some pics of those Chocolate Pies? Two of them! I haven't even seen a chocolate pie in years!

  3. A darned near perfect day, say I. Sounds like it was was most enjoyable - other than the poop cleaning job, that is!

  4. Nice picture, was it taken in the vivid mode?


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