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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye Texas

803 miles later I stopped for the night in the little town of Clayton, New Mexico just over the border from Texas.  Tomorrow morning I will hit I-25 and head north.  Last night’s lodging left much to be desired as do most of the motels/hotels in the Aransas Pass area.  Expensive, not clean and the establishments get very poor reviews.  This afternoon late Michael at home started researching motels/hotels for me along my route.  He found this little mom and pop operation, 60’s style motel with all the rooms in a horseshoe shape, doors opening directly to the outside.  It got fabulous reviews on the internet and amazingly was only $50 per night.  The room has new carpet, is spotless and has a comfortable bed and pillows—one of the major things the room last night was lacking.

And when you walk in your room at this cute little motel, this sweet critter greets you--

IMG_7136He is made from one of the towels and is sitting on the bed.


I just traveled along today talking on the telephone when I was out in the wide open spaces and listening to my audiobook—Ken Follett’s Winter of the World.  I drove through miles and miles of windmills—miles as in probably 60 miles—must be major wind country!


I doubt seriously I can drive all the way home tomorrow—I have over 900 miles to go.  I sure appreciate all the encouraging blog comments and I particularly appreciate the email sent to me from Don from Oklahoma offering me help if needed and his cell phone number—these blog folks are just the best!!!


  1. My best friend from medical school practiced in Clayton for about thirty years. Unfortunately, he died of a stroke a few years ago. We went to Clayton once when we were in school. Nice little town!

  2. Just knowing Don that is out there makes ME feel a whole heck of a lot better!! Very nice of him! Put him on your speed dial!! Safe travels...home is just around the bend!!

  3. You'll be passing by a couple of NM & Colo wildfires tomorrow. Traffic on I25 hasn't been effected yet, but you may get lots of smoke depending on winds and some slow down from those looking for the fires.

  4. I can't believe you are driving so far in one day. Please be careful. An audio book is definitely a great help. Glad you found such a comfortable room for the night. Travel safely!!

  5. That's a whole lot of driving for one day. Hope you get a good night's rest and get an early start in the morning. Maybe..., just maybe, you'll get home Friday night.

  6. That "elephant" reminds me of a hotel in Slovenia where I was trying to book a room once upon a time, called the "Hotel Slon". (Slon is elephant in Slovenian).
    They would have a small stuffed elephant waiting for you in your room. Darned if they weren't all booked up though, so there went having a little stuffed animal to give away.

  7. That's a lot of miles. Be careful out there.

  8. At this rate you are going to be passing right by us. We're at Peter D's RV Park in Sheridan. Headed for Billings in the morning. If you need any help along this way, let us know.

  9. It's good to have Michael - the motel booking agent - working on your behalf. Jeanette and I look for those establishments too. You are making great strides for home.

  10. You are really putting in some serious miles. The "animal" reminds me of the towel art on cruise ships. Very cute...


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