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Saturday, June 15, 2013


1773 miles—I am finally home and it feels great!  Remember the audiobook I was listening to by Ken Follett, Winter of the World—the book lasted right up until about a mile from the house—it was a good one!

Both granddaughters with their husbands came home for Father’s Day and we were invited to dinner tonight.  It was good to see everyone—this was the first time we had met Laci’s husband John—it was a pleasure!  John is also in the USAF stationed in Great Falls.  LoraLee’s niece Una was visiting too—she has two adorable, gorgeous little girls who were enjoying their new puppy.




I made a couples stops in Billings for groceries arriving home about 2pm.  Michael and I got our comfy lounge chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon out in the backyard—a beautiful day in Montana.


  1. Welcome back home! I really love the fence picture, it is so tranquil. Becki

  2. Beautiful picture the one with the fence. Love it. Yes, always good to be home.

  3. I bet you were happy to see your mountains again!

  4. So glad you're home safe. Bet Michael and Emmi were both overjoyed to see you.

  5. So glad you made it home:) You certainly picked the perfect book to listen to for this long trip. You deserve to kick back and relax!!

  6. Congrats on getting home safe and sound after that long drive. Time to relax for a few days and enjoy that beautiful Montana scenery.

  7. I bet you saw quite the mix of topography on the return drive from Texas to home. I have never tried listening to talking books while driving. I may have to give that try sometime. I sure enjoy my iPod with well over 2000 cuts of music though.

  8. Nice composition on the fence photo:))


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