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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh My Aching Body

We enjoyed our last yoga session with Ebbie this morning—Nancy was so kind to offer her guest house for our yoga studio.  There were eight of us and by the time we all left for home there was not a dry eye in the house.  Ebbie is one of those people who comes into your life and you realize how special some people can be—Ebbie is beyond special!  We are so incredibly sorry to see her go.  Max made a wonderful rhubarb cake and we enjoyed a tour of Nancy’s yard, deck and house.  May all your dreams come true Ebbie, we will miss you.

Back home I made a homemade pizza for lunch—I tried a new dough recipe from the Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day cookbook and it was delicious! 

Michael headed back up on the hill to work on his project, digging and setting into the ground the poles we purchased yesterday.  There isn’t a flat spot on our 40 acres so you have to create one! 


And look at the view Michael gets to see while he is up there working:


After lunch I made a strawberry pie using a recipe I found on the internet which I hope is similar to the one Gina made right before we left Texas.  Then I headed for the garden—the source of my aching body!  We have two gardens—a larger one and behind the house a small one in which I have always planted radishes and lettuce.  This year I hadn’t planted anything in the small one until today—I had to dig all the weeds out by shovel, till the soil with the Mantis tiller, add some of our composted material and till again.  THEN I planted radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots.  I can hardly walk—I think I need a massage AND another yoga session!

On our walk this morning Michael suddenly touched my arm and pointed.  Out in front of us less than 3 feet was a fawn curled up in a little ball.  The baby never moved—we gave it a wide berth and I did take a photo.  Michael went back up after lunch and it was gone—Mom came and got him.



  1. I think its your lucky day, to find the fawn, and have your camera along!!! My 'kitchen' garden has given way to farmer's markets!!!

  2. Even when we had a house, I still didn't have a garden. Tried one once and it was a disaster. So I said I give. Jim has tried to grow tomatoes and hasn't had much luck with them either. That fawn is so sweet. Glad Mom came back for him.

  3. I am disappointed that there wasn't any pizza recipe:( Please include it. I would love to try a quick dough.

    I guess if you have to work, work with a view like that is perfect.

    I love the picture of the fawn.

  4. I should "get off my duff" and do some yoga.

    Yes, please include the pizza recipe - inquiring minds want to know (and eat)!

    The fawn is lovely...

  5. I feel your sadness for your friend's leaving. For many years I wouldn't even allow myself to have a close friend because of the pain of having to leave them when we would have to move for what ever reason. The beauty of your surroundings...........and the precious little fawn. You are so blessed to be where you are.

  6. How sweet is that little fawn!!
    It's no wonder you can cook and eat such wonderful things when you are as active as you are!! Yes, I'd be aching too!! I was moaning and groaning after painting and sanding...certainly nothing like shovelling dirt and planting!!

  7. You two are keeping busy on the Boulder! Nice photos of Michael with his big boy toys. Just the toys one needs for those tough jobs.


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