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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cowboy Gets A New Hat

IMG_7036Looks pretty good doesn’t he!!  Randy, the owner and creator of beautiful hats at Law Dog Hat Company in Billings custom made this beautiful hat for Michael—hats come in various grades of felt—good hats are made with beaver felt.  The higher the percentage of beaver felt, the better the hat and the more it costs.  We ordered a 7X beaver felt hat for Michael—when he got there to pick up the hat, Randy had made the hat in 10X beaver!!  Randy told Michael we were such good customers, he upgraded us!  That’s the right kind of customer service!!

I was a busy woman today—first stop was the dentist.  Remember when I went to the rip-off dentist in Corpus Christi—they told me I had a failed root canal and would need the tooth pulled and either a bridge or an implant—all to the tune of many, many $$$$$!!!  This dentist pointed out to me on the x-ray a darkish area around the base of the root canal.  The tooth was not bothering me and had never bothered me.  I elected not to have the work done in that office. 

Today I went to a dentist I have seen 2-3 times before.  They use digital x-rays and I didn’t say a word about the other dentist in Corpus Christi.  When the x-rays were all up there in front of the hygienist and myself I said, “do you see anything wrong with that tooth?” pointing to the one in question.  We both could see the darkish area but she pulled up my previous x-rays from 2010 and the darkish area was there then!!!!!  The dentist said, “if it isn’t bothering you we aren’t in the business of extracting teeth just to be extracting teeth!”  AHHHHHH   That was the good news about this dental office.  The bad news was they charged me $468 to clean and x-ray my teeth!!! 

Lunch at Jake’s and a quick Wal Mart stop before heading off to get a much needed and wanted haircut.  I am way picky about my hair and Corpus Christi just didn’t seem to provide me with any (I tried four different hairdressers!!) decent hair cutting skills!  The young woman who cuts my hair has been doing it for about 12 years—she is excellent and I hope she continues to cut hair for a long time to come!

Costco was our last stop.  Remember the printer fight I was having last week—our HP printer worked one day and the next decided not to print.  I uninstalled and re-installed probably four times getting the stupid thing to finally print but it still would not perform some functions such as scan to email or computer.  Rather than waste any more time on this printer (which was only seven months old) we took it back to Costco today and got a full refund—I love Costco.  Rather than buy another HP printer we opted to purchase a Canon—we will see how it performs!  Sure hope the set-up is easier than the HP! 

We stopped at Nat’s and Michael got his riding lawn mower going again—doesn’t the thought of a 91 year old man mowing his own grass strike fear into your hearts???  It does mine!!  Ms. Emmi got to go along today—it was another VERY windy, cold, rainy day—not very spring like at all!


  1. $468 for ex-rays and cleaning does sound a bit excessive to me. I like the hat. :)

  2. I'm thinking I need a new hat! Looking good Mike!

  3. I follow your it! I have a question: Is Randy the hat maker, Randy Priest? Bev Deem

  4. Great looking hat!
    They don't need to extract teeth when they charge that much for cleaning and x-rays.
    Hope I'm still cutting grass at 90.:-)

  5. That is a fine looking hat. If I were you, I'd check other dentist prices. I think you are being over charged!

  6. a fine looking hat!!!
    and as for dentists?..well my cleaning last week was $250..thank goodness for dental coverage!

  7. Nice hat! Not so nice a dentist bill.

  8. Love the hat!

    Ridiculous dental bill! They must have been some special X-rays!

    Living on the road does make getting your hair done a bit difficult. I like razor cuts, not easy for most. I also get color and highlights. Have to hold my breath on that one.

    I would love a Costco right now. It has been over two months since we have been near one. Next week we will be near!!!

  9. Nice looking cowboy hat! Earlier this week, I had one of those new super-duper Panorama x-rays done at a specialist's office. For some reason, unknown to me, this type of x-ray was not covered by my dental plan. Still, the bill was only $80 for it. Your treatment costs do seem a bit high - enough to give one a toothache!

  10. I hope your Canon works for you. I got a wireless cannon all in one and I still can get it to print wirelessly. I know I must have installed it incorrectly. But I'm very impatient when it comes to what is suppose to be "plug and play".

  11. Awesome hat!
    We pay $110.00 for a cleaning and x-rays and then get a 10% discount on that for paying the day of service. Glad they are not tooth pulling dentist too. I worked in dental and we always tried to save the tooth rather than pull it.

  12. That is a nice hat, Mike.

    Ah yes! To have a differing opinion on your dental situation puts into question the believability of dentists. I am never sure I am being told the truth, since my last episode with a failed root canal.

  13. something is not right. I live in Santa Barbara. My dentist of 25 years charges me about a hundred dollars for a cleaning and sixty dollar for full mouth xrays.. IN SANTA BARBARA.
    PS. I bought a 25 foot AIRSTREAM yesterday. Dam it's beautiful. Come over to Dillon and take a look. It will be there most of June and July.


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