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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stuff Elimination

For some strange reason yesterday was the day we picked to clean the pantry/storage room.  Our house has a full basement—unfinished.  One room is my quilting studio, the smaller middle room is the pantry/storage room and the third room is Michael’s workshop and more storage.  When we came home from Texas a lot of stuff was dumped in the pantry—so much stuff you could hardly get around in there.  So, we had a purging, a ruthless purging—Michael made three trips to the landfill with stuff we decided we could live without!  We now have empty shelves and there is nothing on the floor!  A couple times yesterday afternoon I went downstairs just to gaze at our clean room!

Sunday night about 7pm, Michael said, “let’s take a drive.”  We drove up to the Elk Creek trailhead and got to see an awesome thunderstorm roll through our valley.  On the way up the sun was shining--IMG_7156We stopped the jeep at one point just so we could watch the storm and hear the rain and thunder.  IMG_7163The sun came back out and there was a rainbow over our neighbor’s shed and hay.

Today was yoga and quilting.  I loaded a quilt which belongs to a lady from the RV park in Texas and finished it today—just a simple meander—fast!  Michael worked on the mower for the tractor and drove up the Boulder to install some sort of baffle (?) in a fireplace insert he built a couple years ago. 

On our walk this morning we kept hearing that “hoot” a grouse makes—it sounded quite near and I finally caught sight of him—he was courting his lady friend—she was heading the opposite direction as fast as she could!


IMG_7170For some reason I think these grouse are hideous when in full courtship mode!  Maybe that’s what the female grouse thought too??



  1. Beautiful pictures as usual. When you get done with your clean-up you are welcome to come north and help around here.

  2. Don't you just love it when a storage area is clean and orderly? I know I do. Sometimes I wonder why we hang on to so much useless stuff!!! Great photos of the storm!

  3. Always feels so good to clear out unwanted items.

    Love the rainbow and storm clouds!

  4. Your flower on the hillside photo is beautiful.

    My workshop right now is a disaster. I can barely walk around in it following our little reno project. It is going to take the same type of effort as you put into your pantry/storage room to get it back in usable shape.

  5. It is liberating to get rid of stuff that just hangs around and has little use or value.


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