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Friday, June 7, 2013

Another One

Yep, we had another one, three days in a row with beautiful, warm, sunshiny weather.  This time of year that’s rare! 

I spent the day getting ready for a dinner party—cleaning a little and cooking.  Steve and Jeane along with Jill and Terry joined us for dinner tonight.  Good food and lots of great conversation enjoyed out on the deck for the first time this year.

Michael mowed the grass and did some more digging on his project—he came across a rock which gave him just a little bit of trouble—Smile--the rock was almost as big as the skidsteer.  When we go for our walk in the morning I’ll take a photo of the gigantic boulder!

I must have planted the lettuce a little too deep, the radishes have sprouted, as well as some of the peas but not a sign of a lettuce sprout—what’s up with that????

Today my sister Ann and her husband Danny celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.  Danny wrote a tribute to his wife posted on Facebook that made tears come to my eyes—it was beautiful!  Their daughter Niki and her husband Eric also celebrate their wedding anniversary on this date.   Happy Anniversary to all!

IMG_7095The yellow on the hillside is thousands of balsam root plants—seems to be a good year for balsam root, we are seeing fields of yellow everywhere.

IMG_7097The chokecherry trees are blooming—such a wonderful fragrance!


  1. nice pictures today, Janna! you live in a beautiful area!!!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful Montana!

  3. Nothing wrong with great weather. Good luck with your dinner party. I'm sure your guests will enjoy it well!

  4. Very informative blog today!! You identified two items I have been seeing around here in the Rockies. Thanks for naming the chokecherry tree and the balsam root plant!!

    Glad you are having enjoyable weather with your beautiful view!

  5. What a gorgeous place - a little slice of heaven!

  6. Great photos of Montana. The weather has been pretty good out here on the coast as well. Hope it stays for a while.


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