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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Busy Sunday

We’ve got to stop thinking we have to accomplish everything in a day!  I started the day with a long to do list and Michael’s chores just evolved.  He was successful in righting the horse shelter which blew over onto its roof several weeks ago—this time he dug holes (with the skidsteer auger) and planted railroad ties securing the horse shelter to the ties.  Maybe the horse’s home will stay upright now???

I cleaned both the house and the motorhome plus Emmi! Smile And she also received a hair trimming.  Michael sprayed weeds and changed irrigating water through the course of the day.

Claire—look what we got:

IMG_7245Our friend Claire brought us several strawberry plants in 2011—the year we had so much rain and it was such a cool spring.  Last year we got a few strawberries, I even covered the plants with netting to prevent the birds from stealing the berries—something ate all the strawberries—one day I had berries, the next day I didn’t.Sad smile  This year the vines look healthy and they are loaded with fruit.  Home grown strawberries just taste so much better than the store bought ones!

I bought some peaches at Costco the other day—and surprisingly they were good—not Arkansas peaches but good.  The peaches were getting ripe too fast and as Nat was coming for lunch I made a peach tart—oh, my—I could have just eaten dessert for lunch!


Dang it—wasn’t bird lady Judy a math teacher???  She caught me in my subtraction mistake last night—oh, well—it was still a mighty good turn out for a reunion! Winking smile

Another warm day—I think our high was 87—probably shouldn’t complain as the temps in Arizona are in the 115 degree range!!


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  2. Well you would think you could edit your own comments but I guess not. I was drooling over that peach tart and those strawberries so much that my fingers spelled dessert with only on "s" and Lord knows it is to hot down there to head that way, but to many more pictures like that and we may have to sneak across the Medicine Line and raid that strawberry patch ourselves.

  3. nice looking dessert, Janna! sounds like the two of you had a very busy day!!

  4. Our strawberry patch rewarded us with a great crop too. We both agree that they taste so much better than store bought!

    Great looking dessert!

  5. Your Paach Tart looks delicious - I had to think for a minute because I know Georgia is famous for peaches but I didn't know Arkansas was too.

    Hot weather has hit us too but it's pretty nice after a very cool June.


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