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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goal Met

I did it, finished, complete—three quilts quilted in the two weeks Michael is working with two days to spare!  Oh, my—two whole days—what can I do—maybe do a little project for myself???  That worked well—telling the blog readers my goal—gave me an incentive to get those quilts done!

I finally heard from the vein clinic today and my insurance approved the fixing of my varicose veins.  It has been over three weeks since the office submitted the paperwork to the insurance company—must have some mighty slow readers at Atena!!!  SmileI am scheduled for the procedures in late March during one of Michael’s weeks off. 

Tonight we are enjoying the company of Pat and Carolyn—people we met when first staying at Lake Medina RV Resort near San Antonio several years ago.  Pat rides a motorcycle and was at our site introducing himself before we could even get our motorcycle unloaded.  The bike riding guys kept Michael busy and Carolyn taught me to quilt—she expects you to do it right and her favorite saying when she didn’t like the way you were doing something was, “can you live with it?”  That was always an indication you should really re-do whatever it was you were working on.  They used to winter here in the Rockport area and usually come down and spend a few days here to eat some seafood each winter. 

IMG_6100I sure hope I have as much get up and go as these two do when I am 80 years old!

We had a wonderful dinner—coke brined chicken on the grill, those smashed red potatoes and fresh green beans.  Pat and Carolyn provided a key lime pie!  Good eats!

Has anyone else been experiencing an overload of anonymous spam comments???  In the last two days I have probably deleted at least 25 anonymous spam type comments!  GRRRRR  Go away you idiots—find something productive to do!!!


  1. I have noticed a few anonymous spam comments also over the last couple of days but Blogger seems to be keeping the off the blog although folks who ask to get follow-up comments probably see them as I get some from others.

  2. Sorry about the spam. I kept putting them in my spam folder. Now they are few and far between.

  3. I get the odd scam every so often. Yes, they are annoying and, like you, I wish those fools would get a life.

    Nice RV couple you introduced us to in this blog.

  4. Like I told you in my Blog a while back, BLOCK THEM.(spam) Both Al of Bayfield and I did and problems over!

  5. I've been getting hammered with spam comments lately - over 200 since just last night. But, the good news is Blogger has caught 99.9% of them before they got on my blog. Most go directly to the spam folder while others go to 'Awaiting Moderation'. My morning routine now involves taking a few minutes to clean them up so it's no big issue for me. Spammers have now evolved to trying a relatively new technique "the complimentary spam message" which starts out nice before they move on to their link message.

    This is an attempt to defeat Blogger's Spam Filter and until Blogger catches up with these guys, we'll continue to see Spam comments in the Awaiting Moderation folder.

  6. butterbean carpenterMarch 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike & Emmi,
    As I read through the blogs more folks are complaining about the 'spammers'... Joyce says they are the junk mail of the internet... Some bloggers don't catch'em or miss'em and they are really annoying to the blog readers!!! Give Emmi a hug and scratch for us and be HAPPY!!!
    Did your mom & Chuck get back from 'mountain-william' land,yet???


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