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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quilt Finish

Mary P’s first quilt is finished and off the frame!  I just might make that goal I set!  Mom worked on another little tool caddy project but hit a wall when zippers were required.  Gina and I ran over to Wal Mart but of course the Walton family did not have the color zippers we needed. 

In one corner of the trailer I had boxes stacked.  When I would need to find something it was always in the box on the bottom of the stack.  One of the boxes contains customer quilts.  Gina and I also visited Lowe’s while we were out and found an inexpensive wire shelving unit for that corner, assembled the shelves, unpacked those boxes and success—much easier to find stuff now.

IMG_6059Here’s Gina using her iPhone trying to find crib mattress sizes and stressing out about the colors for the next quilt project. Smile 

Emmi is doing so well about not leaving our RV lot.  I have scolded her for following her ball into the street, now if it rolls into the street or into the neighbor’s lot she stops and waits for me to go get the ball.  Yesterday I started working with her to learn sit and stay.  If this exercise involves the ball in some way Emmi performs perfectly.   She is really good about coming when called. 


After the summer season at home in Montana I will frequently cut back my geraniums, water the plants well and stick them in a cool, dark room.  Come spring I would bring the plants out of hibernation and have always had good luck with this practice.  I did this with four different geraniums this past fall.  When we got ready to come to Texas I uprooted each one, wrapped the dirt and roots in newspaper, replanting them when we arrived.  I have blossoms!!  And beautiful, healthy plants—imagine Jeane and Jill—geranium blossoms in February!


Very warm and muggy today. 


  1. Tell Gina she needs a grandson so she gets away from all those pastels.

  2. I thought a hobby was supposed to help you relax:)

  3. Isn't it fun to have blossoms in the winter??? I have a geranium plant too, it is just starting to blossom. Its coming home with me in April.

  4. Just curious about the table you have over steering wheel, I have the round one from Camping World and it's not very stable. Do you have a different one? Looks nice!

  5. I'd like to get Emmi to teach Rylie a few of those commands!!

  6. You do keep busy with your quilt works.

    Well done with training Emmi to listen to your commands. Smart dog, she is!

  7. Normally the first thing I'd see in a picture like this is the fabric, but as I'm sitting here with very cold feet, what I noticed was that Gina's barefoot! It's warm enough there to go barefoot! It got up to 40 today here. I can't wait to have warm feet again.


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