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Friday, February 22, 2013

Trip To Corpus, Haircut For Mom

Mom and I made rather a flying trip over to Corpus Christi today—JoAnn’s had zippers for the tool caddies and boning for the thread catchers.  Several other items jumped in our basket because I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon which arrived in my inbox this morning.  When rotary cutter blades are 40% off and then I have a coupon for an additional 20% off—that’s a bargain! 

A couple other quick stops, one at Baskin’s the western wear store to pick up Michael’s boots he ordered and then on to lunch at our regular place PF Chang’s. 

Back home I walked Emmi and played ball before Mom picked me up—I was going to the hairdresser’s with her to give some direction to the stylist and I think we have success--

IMG_6069I found a pixie cut in a magazine, showed it to the stylist and I think she did a really great job.  When we first walked in I thought, oh, no, this is gonna be another bad decision.  But, you know, the woman did a great job—I just may go back when my hair needs cutting—it was certainly a much calmer, quieter, not so strange place like the one I went to last—and way cheaper!!! 

Jan—I’m almost embarrassed to say what my steering wheel table consists of—it is half of one of those wooden dish draining racks!!! Smile  A couple years ago we bought one of the racks at a yard sale in AZ, Michael took it apart and used one half to stand his oil paintings for drying.  The other half was gathering dust.  I began bugging Michael to make me a table for the steering wheel as we were going to be parked in one spot for so long this time.  His time got away from him and at the last minute I noticed the dish rack, took it out to the motorhome and it worked!  We have it tied onto the steering wheel so it is secure.  Now, don’t you want one just like it?? Smile

Jeane on the longarmMary F. one of my quilting buddies had this photo of my friend Jeane on her FB page this morning—they took a longarm quilting class in Billings from the woman standing in the background.  Looks like Jeane has this business down pat!

For those of you asking about the little thread catcher/pin cushion pattern—if you will email me, I will be happy to share.  IMG_6057

A good day on the coast of Texas!


  1. i would love to have the pattern for the thread catcher pin cushion. My email is Thank you Sharon

  2. Tell Aunt Martha,I like her haircut. I think it makes her look younger. I know you are having fun having her around for an extended period time. Love to all of you!

  3. Love your mom's new do!! She looks really young!!! Happy weekend.

  4. I would love to make one of those thread holders. My email is
    Thank you very much.

  5. Could I also get a copy of that pattern sent to I think I have just figured out how to add comments to your blog, now. I'm a bit SLOW when it comes to computers. Just so you know I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, have enjoyed it very much. My one question..have you ever finished your SOCK, that you were knitting last winter in Florida? I like to knit SOCKS...just plain ol' socks, and with all the wonderful yarn in so many colors...well I'm sure it's the same feelings that quilter have with material...just AWE!


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