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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finished Quilt and Another Pictorial

These allergies are kicking my butt—I knew when Michael got up this morning but the next thing I knew it was close to 7:30am.  Still felt crummy, sneezing and coughing so I took one of Michael’s sudafeds—miracle drug, no sneezing since morning, very little cough—let’s hope this crud is gone!

Mom and I went to Rockport today to get groceries at the HEB and to find the shrimp place.  Mom had not been to a HEB since her arrival and she was impressed, much better than the Aransas Pass Wal Mart!   With directions from Rollie we found the shrimp place, too.  $10 per pound, large, beautiful shrimp!

Gina and Rollie’s son Thomas, his wife Ashley, their baby Abigail and Ashley’s brother Austin all arrived here in the last two days.  Thomas is going to work with Michael and Rollie although in a different division.  Ashley is going to start nursing school. 

Remember the big huge oil rig hull which arrived a few weeks ago.  This week the heavy lifting device(HLD), the crane looking things out at the yard lifted a module up onto the hull.  The tugboats floated the hull away from the dock and held it stable while the HLD lifted the module.  The tugboats then pushed the hull under the HLD and the module was lowered in place.  The HLD does not move or rotate like normal cranes, it only lifts.  There were at least five tugboats controlling the hull. 

2013-02-08 14.11.15There is about 100 feet + of the hull above the water. 

2013-02-08 15.45.35

Michael is home tonight—he is now off for a week—Emmi and I are very, very glad!


We enjoyed some of those shrimp and grilled pineapple for dinner tonight, YUM!

And I finished Jane’s lonestar quilt today—it is beautiful!


  1. I can't imagine how hard it would be to coordinate the movements of five tug boats trying to get that all lined up. That Emmi looks like she's never going to let him go ever again. So cute.

  2. Glad the sudafed works!!! Doesn't look like Michael will be much company tonight!!!

  3. Sudafed you say?? Hmmmm...Hey where are the pics of the quilt?? We wanna see...

  4. It would be great of that Sudafed worked to cure the 'crud'. Hmmm, fresh shrimp sure sounds wonderful. We wish Michael a good break away from work.

  5. butterbean carpenterFebruary 10, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Sleep well, Michael, you've earned it!!! Pretty soon Rollie'll have 'Shooter' Mike down there doing security & Ms Pat helping you quilt!!! Now Gina won't have to go back & forth so much, just stay home and babysit & quilt!!!
    Sure hope the Sudafed gets rid of your 'allergies; Joyce uses it & it works for her!!! Having the babies to play with should be fun for your mom and you both; Abby is getting big enuff to kick the ball for Emmi, she is really growing!! Hope Michael gets lots of 'rest' on this week OFF and gets caught up with his energy needs!!!

  6. Would love to have some fresh shrimp right about now!


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