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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not An Exciting Day

Unless you count my meltdown in Sam’s Club which came about as a result of their totally incompetent employees, long, long checkout lines and then they want me to stand in line to leave the store too!!  Sad smile Corpus Christi needs a Costco in the worst way!

Michael did some puttering—when the water heater is on propane and re-ignites there is a surge or momentary pause in our power supply.  It’s enough to kick off the microwave and sometimes the modem, router and printer.  Other times the propane re-ignites and we have no problem.  Strange situation and Michael though he might have fixed it this morning but this evening as I was preparing dinner the water heater ignited and everything blinked???

He did get the lights working in the jeep again, YEA!  That little problem was caused by a bulb with a short inside itself—took him a while to figure that one out too!

Emmi and I took walks as did the other two pooches.  The sun came out this afternoon for a brief while and we walked over to visit Mom for a bit.  She seems to have caught this bug. Sad smile

Rollie is finally getting some days off—his counterpart has been stranded in the northeast by that terrible snow storm—he was supposed to have arrived on Saturday to begin work on Sunday but didn’t get out until today.  I have a bottle of wine open, appetizers ready and big steaks to go on the grill for he and Michael tonight. 

We need to get out with the camera!  Montana photos tonight, sorry.




  1. If the check out lines are so long, with only a few tills open, and stores are full of shoppers, I wonder why it is that it is so difficult to hire staff to provide the service. Is it because people do not want to work....or do not want those jobs....or that fact that these retailers simply do not care about poor service. Sam's Club and WalMart are horrible places to experience.

  2. Janna, my husband like Timberland Pro steel toes. He orders them from Shepler's...his brother is the store manager in San Antonio, but he just goes online to order the boots. They have hiking boot style in addition to traditional boot style. Joe wears size 13 so weight is a factor!


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