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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Slow Sunday

Michael’s first day off—we just took it easy.  We didn’t sleep well and Michael was up at his usual get up time unfortunately.  We walked dogs, Michael did a little work on the jeep lights—seems in the morning when everything is damp his rear lights don’t work.  Later in the day when the lights dry out they work again.  I tidied up the latest quilt and was going to take some photos but the wind was blowing gale force—not conducive to outside photos—the quilts might have been in the next county!

We enjoyed some more shrimp for lunch and I also baked some bread—I shared with Rollie as well as Mom and Chuck. 

Tonight we streamed a movie from Amazon Prime—The Magic of Belle Isle, with Morgan Freeman who I really enjoy watching.  The movie was cute—easy watching. 

And that was our Sunday—just a quiet, easy Sunday. 


  1. I moved that movie up to #1 on our Netflix so the next time we want to watch a movie that will be it. Thanks for the heads up about it.

  2. Seemed like a very nice day.

    Raindrops are falling here, in gold Canyon, AZ., as I write this comment. Not what we expected....but, the good weather is set to return in the days ahead.


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