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Friday, February 1, 2013

Changed My Mind

That’s my prerogative as a women isn’t it??  And it’s all Rick’s fault anyway!!!  He left this comment on the blog I wrote last night about spammers, “I'd still rather take care of this myself than restrict others from having full access to my blog.”  I read that and thought, “get with the program Janna, it won’t hurt you to delete a few anonymous comments.” 

It was an early morning for me, a really early morning!  I was out the door at 5am to take Gina to the airport, back home by 6am.  I read a few blogs then Emmi and I headed off for the ferry and the beach.  It was an awesome day for walking on the beach—simply beautiful!


The couch and chair in Mom and Chuck’s RV is extremely uncomfortable as is most RV furniture.  Mom and I went over to Corpus Christi today and did a little furniture shopping.  Does anyone else out there think furniture salesman are as bad as used car salesmen???  We did find a couple options that might work.  We managed to stop at the final two quilt shops on the shop hop list dropping our “passports” at the last shop—I am sure to be slated to win that Janome sewing machine!

Rollie joined us for dinner tonight but Gina cooked it before she left—we had taco soup and I contributed the cornbread! 

Emmi was extremely glad to see me this afternoon when Mom and I got back. 


  1. I am still waiting - patiently, I might add - for an app or some reverse laser blasting system to blow away those pesky 'anonymous' schmucks.

  2. That picture is just gorgeous. We've replaced almost all the furniture in our rig. Couldn't stand the stuff that came with it.

  3. May I still be anonymous and not be a "schmuck?" I promise to always sign my comments!


  4. I hope you do win that Janome Sewing machine!

    I'll gladly take the blame for you changing your mind about blocking anonymous comments, Janna. There's really nothing these spammers can do to hurt me so I just empty out my spam folder on a regular basis - it's kind of fun, actually.


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