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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another One Of Those Days

When it is 55 degrees outside and a cold north wind is blowing your instinct is to hunker down inside and take care of inside business.  That’s what we did today, Michael worked on our taxes and I went to the quilting studio and did some applique on a little quilt I am doing for myself. 

Here’s my goals for Michael’s next two weeks of work—maybe if I say it in the blog I will feel more accountable??  I have three quilts to quilt for my friend Mary P.  I want to get all three quilted in that two weeks. 

For lunch we enjoyed pasta with a homemade tomato/garlic sauce, large salads and homemade bread.  Our beef consumption over the last few days has been a little excessive so we went veggie today! 

After lunch we drove over to Rockport to do a little grocery shopping—I was looking for a heart shaped cookie cutter and while I didn’t find a cookie cutter I did find a little candy container in the shape of a heart I think will work! Smile  We enjoyed ice cream at McDonald’s before coming home.

On the way home Michael got a call from our accountant and we were able to get some questions answered—soon we will put all the stuff in a big envelope and send it off to Bob, our accountant.  He has done Michael’s taxes for years and ours for the 18 years we have been married.  Yes, it is expensive but as we have three different businesses with each having its own set of tax issues, we feel it is worth every dime. 

Today was a little more exciting than yesterday at least for Emmi and me!!  When we got home from Rockport Emmi and I set off on a walk to take Mom some chocolate for the pie she is making (thank you Gina).  As we rounded the corner I saw two elderly women with four dogs, all on leash.  The minute the smallest of the dogs, a Boston terrier looking dog, saw us he begin lunging to the end of his retractable leash, snarling and barking.  All four dogs began barking and snarling, Emmi (she doesn’t bark at other dogs) and I gave them a wide berth but it wasn’t enough.  The little terrier dog jerks his leash out of the hand of the owner and jumps on Emmi, biting and snarling—with instinct I kicked his little butt and he sailed about a foot away.  She is struggling with the larger, snarling barking dog but finally manages to get her foot on the leash of the little obnoxious one who is still trying to get to Emmi.  I manage to get Emmi in my arms, the woman apologizes, I say it’s OK but I’m thinking, “lady, you need to get a handle on these dogs before something really bad happens.”  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen with these four dogs.  For one thing, two of the dogs are too large for these elderly ladies to handle.  For another they have no leash manners.  An accident looking for a place to happen.

My sweet niece sent me a text message this morning after she read last night’s blog, “Keep Calm and Shop Small Business.”  Good advice after my little episode in Sam’s Club yesterday!

The sun is out this afternoon, it has warmed up a touch and tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful—maybe we will get out with the camera!

IMG_2593Taken March, 2012

G&RAugust, 2010

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  1. Not sure what you mean by excessive amounts of beef, but here's hoping they are not reading that back home in Montana or you may not be allowed in.


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