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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Beach And Flying

Another beautiful morning had us heading for the beach again.  Lots of people had the same idea and the ferry crossing was busy today. IMG_6033

Yesterday the beach was totally clean of seaweed.  Today there was lots of seaweed along the shoreline—must have been a storm offshore in the last couple days??

IMG_6030Princess Emmi doesn’t like to get her feet wet—when the waves start coming in she heads the other way.  And I like this—our other schnauzer Jazz would chase the birds into the surf and I was always afraid the water would sweep her away. 

Back home Rollie rounded up Mike to go flying with the other Mike—one of Rollie’s counterparts and one of my Mike’s boss’ out at work.  Mike was moving the plane from Aransas Pass out to a hanger at the Rockport airport—my Mike and Thomas, Rollie’s son went along for the ride.  It was a beautiful day for flying and here are some photos:


IMG_2639That’s our RV park in the lower portion of the photo and smoke from a grass fire which got out of control this afternoon!IMG_2640The road out to Port Aransas.

IMG_2643Rockport, TX


The paragraph above was very confusing to write—which Mike was I talking about??  This same thing happened one day out at work—boss Mike was calling my Mike on the radio—Mike talking to Mike.  Rollie decided my Mike needed a nickname and was tossing around suggestions—his initials??—MC??  Rollie said he immediately thought of M. C. Hammer, the rap artist.  Of course my Mike didn’t have a clue who M. C. Hammer was but Rollie christened Michael, “Hammer.”  And it has stuck! 

I spent the afternoon puttering and sewing just a little.  My new steps work like a charm!

Here are another couple photos of Laci and John on their wedding day:



  1. Flying in small airplanes is one of my favorite things to do :)

  2. I think its cute that Emmi stayed just ahead of the waves in order to keep her feet dry!. Have a fun weekend.

  3. The 'hammer' sounds pretty much like the 'fix it' guy that Mike truly is. Good moniker, say I.

    Nice aerials of the surrounding countryside too.

  4. great aerial the shot of the road to Port Aransas!
    I know it's hard to believe but Tucker isn't that fond of the big ocean waves either!

  5. I like the nickname 'Hammer' - sounds good. Our pups do the exact same thing near water!

    Great aerial photos of that area, I've always wondered what Rockport looked like as I've heard so much about it on blogs.

  6. Great pictures....looks like you all have plenty to do down in Texas. We can't keep Spirit out of the water here in Cali.


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