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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Day Of Quilting

Mom and GinaHere’s Mom and Gina, sewing away.  We have become very adapt at squeezing around each other.  The black rails in the lower portion of the photo are one end of the longarm.  The ironing board is set up to Mom’s right.  Today was the first day we had all three sewed in the quilting studio and I must say it worked well!

I have always fully floated my quilt tops on the longarm—I learned how when first purchasing the machine.  Lately I’ve had lots of trouble keeping the quilt tops square—they all start out square at the top then get wonky on me at the bottom.  I saw a video of someone partially floating a quilt top.  They attached the bottom of the quilt top to the canvas marked for quilt top and then just basted the upper edge of the quilt top to the backing and batting.  I’m trying this to see if it will help me keep things more square. 

Gina finished making all the blocks for her lap quilt and is now ready to put it together—exciting for her, this is the biggest project she has attempted so far.  Mom worked at making one of those tool caddies and I think I heard some muttering going on—must have because she gave up and made another trash bag/pin cushion.  She and Chuck are heading for Arkansas tomorrow for Chuck’s week off from work.

And that’s about it for our day here in Texas, I am baking some monkey bread for Michael to take to work tomorrow.


  1. butterbean carpenterFebruary 23, 2013 at 5:25 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Tell your mom we hope they have an easy & safe trip!!! That is a great looking sewing factory you have; Mike did a terrific job, on it!!!
    Give Ms Emmi a hug & pat for us!!!
    Hope everything is going well for y'all...

  2. Be carefull Janna, someone might report you for running a sweat shop!! :-)

  3. It really does look like you have your own little sweat shop going there. The two of them are working so intently....probably didn't even notice you taking the picture.

  4. What is Monkey Bread? Looks like a little factory you've got going there, Janna.

  5. A day sewing with friends is a good day!!!


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