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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Amazing Women And A Pictorial

It’s amazing what women can do when they set their minds!!  Mom and I removed the couch and chair from their RV this morning, dropped it at Goodwill, drove to Corpus Christi, purchased a loveseat, and had it unloaded from the truck by the time Michael rolled in just in time to help us get it into the RV.  I struggled with some of the bolts holding the old couch down but in the end was successful, sweaty but successful!


Now for the pictorial—remember the photos from a couple weekends ago of the big oil rig hull coming into the ship channel and ending up out at the shipyard where Michael works?  Yesterday the hull was floated off the ship on which it arrived and Michael took some great photos with his phone:

2013-01-28 12.54.14 (1)Hull is still on ship, those red towers are the back of the ship, the control portion of the ship is out of sight in front of the hull.  The ship is called a semi-submerging heavy lift ship.  The name of the ship is the Blue Marlin and it carried the USS Cole back to the US after the Al-Qaeda attack in 2000 . 

They spun the entire ship and hull around, now the ship control module is in front and you can barely see one of the red towers at the rear.  2013-02-003

The red arrow is pointing to those two red towers, the green blob in the middle is where the middle of the ship used to be—it is now underwater and the hull has floated off, see the tug boat at the corner.


2013-02-01 09.38.41Hull is off, water is being pumped out and the ship is beginning to float. 

2013-02-01 16.22.57Now a large portion of the ship is above water again.  I find this whole process fascinating—I love it when Michael comes home with photos!

There is an elderly man here in the park who slowly rides a three wheeled bicycle around the park and his dog walks beside him.  I talk to him everyday and one day I asked him about the bicycle—I thought maybe my Mom might enjoy one.  He said you could order one from Wal Mart and have it delivered to the local store or order a more expensive Schwinn online.  He also said the bikes were hard to find used. 

Today he stopped me and asked if I had found Mom a bike—no—well, “the guy just across the street from you wants to sell his.”  I hurried right over and struck a deal—I rode the bike (that was probably entertaining to anyone watching, three wheeled bikes ride differently! Smile) over to let Mom try it out.  Mom now has a bike to ride—she has non-diabetic neuropathy in her feet and it is difficult if not impossible some days for her to walk.  Maybe this will help her get some exercise.


A very busy but good day.


  1. Boy you did haveabusy day. The pictures were great. Never saw anything like that ship. Nice

  2. Thanks to Michael for the ship photos. Those ships are amazing.

    Good work on getting mom a trike to get around. Nice touch indeed. How nice to have chatted the older fella about his only to learn that the RVer near you had one for sale. Sure saved a fair bit of time to shop for one.

  3. Thanks so much for the great photos of the "sinking" ship. It is always an amazing process.
    And congrats on the trike purchase. Looks like a nice one!
    Don in Okla.

  4. I too bought a tricycle this past November. A couple of years ago, I fell off my 2 wheeler and was afraid to continue riding it. The trike is just great. I ride it everyday. Your mom will love it.
    Dale Bruss

  5. Geez, Janna, when I saw your headline "Amazing Women And a Pictorial", I thought for a second you were going all Playboy on us!!

    Thank Michael for the centerfolds - they were terrific!!


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