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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slow Going

My morning that is—just couldn’t get back to sleep after Michael was up, got up when he left and wasted a tremendous amount of time reading blogs, looking at Pinterest, etc.  Emmi must have felt sluggish too—she didn’t poke her cute little head out until after 8am!

At the dog park this morning Emmi found TWO boyfriends—two cute little fluff balls who thought Emmi was just pretty special—they played and played together.  Emmi is standoffish around most dogs but she was a regular little flirt with these two!

Off to the park—we walked two miles and played with the basketball.  I am sure the guys painting the surface of the tennis courts loved hearing Emmi bark at her ball! Smile

Back home I decided to do some maintenance on the longarm—should have left well enough alone although it really did need some loving care.  I stripped the screw which holds the needle in place—it is a common problem on these machines—there is even another hole on the other side of the needle bar for a new screw when you strip the old one!  I called the wonderful folks in service at APQS and Amy told me what kind of screw to buy.  Lowe’s had the right size, just a little long—it will do for now until my handy/dandy husband finds me a shorter one in his stash.  Cleaned, oiled, waxed the rails—all better now.  And, I loaded a quilt—an oriental themed one for my friend Mary P.

Today is Lonnie’s birthday—Happy Birthday Lonnie—sure hope it was a good one! 

IMG_6827Sure do miss those mountains!


  1. Well just when you think you have her figured out, Emmi surprises you!!!! Little stinker!

  2. Just wait until summer comes,,,your really gona MISS them Mountains!!:-)

  3. I concur with Mike in the comment above. You will seriously be missing those Montana mountains come summer. Thank goodness for an air conditioned quilting trailer though...!

  4. butterbean carpenterFebruary 19, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Well, you have your mom there and you didn't used to get homesick for the 'hills'!!! Yeah, I know just the smell of all of those wildfires across the plains & mountains brings tears to your eyes... Who baked Lonnie's birthday cake since you were out on winter vacation!! You and Emmi are going to get a bad rep at the doggie yard if she doesn't cut out the flirttin'!!!!!! Hope your day is going great!!!

  5. We miss the mountains also. In Cedar Key now and starting our westward journey for more adventures.

  6. I'm glad I can still look out the windows in our rig and see the snow covered mountains here in Palm Springs. It reminds me of the Olympics across the water in Washington St.

    It's funny how some dogs just love to play with 'certain' other dogs.


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