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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful Day

Such a beautiful, warm day—Emmi and I took advantage of the nice warm morning heading to the beach for our walk.  Not very many people out, we drove right on the ferry on the way over and right on for the crossing back to the mainland.  Spring break is coming and we’ve been warned—the ferry crossing will no longer be so easy!  On the return crossing I saw dolphins so close to the ferry I could see their eyes!


Back home I joined Gina in the quilt studio where she learned to apply borders to her quilt and I got in a little quilting on Mary’s little “star” quilt.  Gina gets a gold star—when we measured her quilt for the borders—she was almost dead accurate with her measurements which means she did a great job of piecing! 

About 2pm Gina and I headed to Corpus to return the boots Monday’s power outage kept me from returning.  We visited Petsmart for dog food, JoAnn’s for miscellaneous things—there was a tour bus in the parking lot and a huge group of women shopping in JoAnn’s—they had come up from the valley for the day.

Back home to release Emmi from captivity—all our neighbors stand out and watch the show when we get home—Emmi’s excitement and her howling!

A great day in Texas.


  1. I think spring break seems to go on forever in that neck of the woods. :)

  2. I'd forgotten all about Spring Break but here it is almost March already - kind of depressing, actually!


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