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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Caught In A Buzz Saw

Mom and I headed over to Corpus Christi this morning, ran a couple errands, had another great lunch at PF Chang’s and found the salon where I was to get my hair cut.  OH, MY—the retractable bars they pull over the windows at night were visible when we drove up not giving me the greatest first impression!

IMG_2628The salon I use in Billings is a Paul Mitchell salon and my hairdresser has always suggested I find those type salons when traveling—she says they are always staffed with professionals.  Well, wait until she hears this story!

Loud music, lots of people, lots of people with earrings in strange places, lots of black and chandeliers—OK are we in there right place??  A gentlemen asks my name and goes off to find someone.  This very young woman arrives and says, “I’m going to shampoo your hair.”  OK—I’ve been in salons so fancy the stylist doesn’t do her own shampoos. 

She washes and washes and washes (I did shower this morning and wash my hair, really I did!).  Once she is finished drowning me, we proceed to a chair where she starts to dry my hair.  OK—I am really confused, she dries and dries then starts to use a flat iron on my hair?????  I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve never in my adult life had my hair cut dry.  She is really working with this flat iron and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror—YIKES—I look like something out of the 60’s—bouffant hair and all!!!

I am about to lose it and I say, “are they going to cut my hair dry?”  She replies, “oh, yes, everyone here cuts hair dry.”  She finally finishes trying to straighten my all ready straight hair and goes off to find the gentleman again.  I wait and wait, I have unfastened the collar of the cape, I am getting ready to run when up strolls the stylist.  We have this discussion which goes something like this:

Me:  Do you always cut hair dry.  Her: Yes.  Me: Don’t you think it would have been good to see my hair and what it looked like before whoever that was turned me into Doris Day???  OK—I’ve stressed her out now and she leaves.

I spot this person who has an earring in both her facial cheek dimples—WHY???  What is the purpose???  I’m sweating by now, I want out of here!!! 

Next thing I know the owner of the salon is going to cut my hair, she begins to tell me all the whys and wherefores of cutting hair dry, how important her salon is, how important she is and all the while I’m thinking, “let me out of here!”  She starts cutting and seriously, I felt as if I was under a buzz saw or in the middle of a saber fight.  Blades were whipping around my head at the speed of light!  And she never stops talking. 

One hour later my hair is cut and you know, seriously, I think it is a fantastic cut!!  In spite of all the drama, it really is a good cut!  Will I go back?  The jury is still out!

Back home I needed to try out this little gadget I bought during our quilt shop visits the other day--

IMG_5973It’s like a miniature hair clipper but oh, my did it ever make ripping out some quilted designs easy!!!  What would have taken me hours to remove took just over 15 minutes!!!  Amazing—why didn’t my husband come up with this idea???  

This blog has gone on long enough, I will tell you the swimsuit story tomorrow!


  1. Can we see a picture of the hair cut? I bet it is hard to try to find a salon on the road.

  2. I thought the quick ripper ws used on your hair:)

  3. I was hoping you'd show us a picture of your hair.

  4. What a hair raising story. Glad you like your cut!!!

  5. would love to see a picture of the hair cut :)....Joe and Carolyn are here with us for a week..:)

  6. That was truly a cutting story. We'll be curious to know whether you choose to go back or not.

  7. I was almost afraid to read how that blog ended. Thank goodness you came out of it okay. Yeah... we'd all love to see a picture of the end results. I've only walked out of a couple of salons, but WISH I had walked out of a few more ;-) That's just one of the perils of being a full-timer on the road.

  8. My bet is that you won't go back! Glad it worked out, though.

  9. I ran into one of those buzz saws in New Mexico, and came out scalped! Glad your results were better.

  10. The haircut story was hair-raising for sure. I'll have to pass on your thoughts on the Quick Ripper to Paulette.


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