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Monday, February 4, 2013

And I Thought I Had Long Drives In Montana

For medical care that is but this one today took the prize—159 miles one way to get a consult and ultrasound.  I called both offices in Corpus Christi which do this outpatient procedure to close varicose veins and just did not have a good feeling about either one of the places I called.  It’s my firm belief as a nurse—if you don’t have a good feeling you won’t get a good result.  So I widened my search area and came up with this interventional radiologist who practices out of Sugarland, TX but has a physician’s assistant who does consults in Lake Jackson, TX.  Unfortunately we will have to drive to Sugarland for the actual procedures.

Yes, plural procedures—thank you very much dear departed Dad and Grandmother for passing these wonderful varicose veins on to me!! SmileAnd standing on my feet in an operating room throughout my career didn’t help matters any either! My right leg has a visible varicose vein, my left has internal varicose veins.  OK, enough of this talk—it’s making me feel old! 

The drive was out through some quite flat unpopulated country.  I saw what I think was a large nuclear power plant, a field full of sandhill cranes, many, many raptors, lots of farming country and many small towns. 

I had my first experience in Chick-Fil-A and it was a most positive experience--IMG_2625if that’s fast food, I want more!  More of the service that is—the food was good the best part was watching a service person help a young mother with two small children find a high chair, he went and got coloring placemats for the older child, then went and retrieved the Mom’s order.  There were three or four waiter type people scurrying around helping all the customers—take note McDonald’s and Wendy’s—it was impressive!

I watched an older couple pray before they ate their food, I watched a young gorgeous couple laugh and tease each other, it was a cheerful, busy place!

After lunch I visited the local quilt shop and while I didn’t find anything I needed the experience was also pleasant.  The store was 25 years old this week and the owner was 57 today—she had received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from her husband.  All fabric was 25% off but I still didn’t find anything I needed.


Another long drive home and I’ve got some kind of bug—either a full blown allergy attack or a cold—YUK!  Emmi spent the day with Mom.

And Rick, I have to agree with you on Beyonce’s performance last night!


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  2. Will pray for a satisfactory result for you with your surgery.

  3. Hey, you guys not enjoying Beyonce is showing your age. Haha!
    Lee in Texas
    Found your blog. Not too far from us.

  4. What a wonderful experience at Chick-Fil-A!!! Really all restaurants could take a lesson. What would this country do if every restaurant closed on Sunday.. Gracious, family time at a table... what a concept.

  5. good luck with the varicose vein procedure!!!

  6. I cant believe you have never been to a chic.fil.a! They are awesome! My fave!

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  8. I've never been to a chil-fil-a but I've read about them in the news lately.

    I'm sure you'll feel much better after your vein procedures.


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