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Monday, February 25, 2013

Holy Smokes

We are rocking and rolling and not to music I might add.  The wind has blown so hard it has been absolutely scary!  The quilting studio was really rocking, so much so if I didn’t hold onto the handles of the longarm when I stopped, the machine would take an involuntary stitch of two!  I knew the wind was coming and had rolled in our window awnings—I’m thankful we don’t have slides or slide awnings in this kind of gale!  How much does a motorhome weigh—this think is rocking so much I am getting sea sick—really!!

I finished one of the tool caddies with the exception of the hand stitching and almost finished the quilting on another quilt for Mary P.  As we say in the south, “if the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” I am going to make my goal of finishing three quilts in the two weeks Michael is working.  The next one for Mary is a very small wallhanging. 

This afternoon I drove over to Corpus to return the boots Michael ordered—some old story—no customer service/quality control.  One boot fits perfectly, the other boot is so big he can kick it off his foot!!!  A manager met me at the door of the store, they had no power and were unable to use their cash registers to process anything.  GRRRRR  That was a wasted drive but it couldn’t be helped.  The wind threw the car all over the road on the way over and back—WHEW!

We are dining with Gina and Rollie tonight—my contribution is cornbread. 

Here, later in the evening, the motorhome is still rocking and rolling—by 10pm the winds are to have died down some, let’s hope so!


  1. hope that the winds lets up so you can sleep!

  2. That must be the wind that blew through here yesterday. Furniture was all pinned against the fence when we dared to go out this morning, but nary a breeze today, so maybe it is gone for a while. It is time to get on with spring here in Arizona now.

  3. Rockin' wind and poor service makes for an aweful day. You can't do much about nature's wrath but I hope you get some satisfaction with the boot folks.

  4. Did Michael put stabilizers on the corners of the Quilt Studio. With its lower profile that should stop a lot of the wind movement. Hopefully you'll have been dancing the next time we hear you say that you've been Rockin' and a Rollin'. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. We had those strong winds on Sunday. Let 'er blow, as long as there's no snow~~

  6. I guess the winds from the west coast finally made it to Texas. We had a fun couple of days here with the gusty winds too.

  7. Here in the Oklahoma panhandle, we had 50 mph winds with SNOW!! Five inches worth so it wasn't too bad. Down at Amarillo, 70 to 75 mph winds and 19 inches of snow!! Everything was shut down in the panhandle area. Thankfully it has blown out with bright sunshine today and we are thankful for the moisture.
    Don in Okla.


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