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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Potential Ice Storm

Not here but in Arkansas and this time it isn’t mine and Michael’s fault.  It’s a joke in my family, every time we go home together such as we did at Christmas, Arkansas experiences an ice storm.  We left Arkansas on Christmas Day just ahead of the ice storm which knocked out there power for two or three days.  Well, we are in Texas with the air conditioner running—this afternoon my sister called Mom and said it was 34 degrees and pouring rain/sleet.  Ann said there were lots of power trucks in evidence too, just waiting!

Arkansas can get some mighty nasty ice storms—my family has lost power for days and days at a time.  One year at Christmas the Little Rock airport closed leaving Michael and I without a flight home for an extra two or three days.  And to top it off my dog, Reba, an Airedale had died while we were away and I just wanted to get home. 

Today I was a quilting maniac—I almost finished the quilt I loaded yesterday—yippee!!  Mom finished another of these little hanging trash bag/pin cushion doodads.  IMG_6057 That makes three—one for me, one for Mom and one for Gina.  Peggy provided us with the pattern—thanks Peggy!

And that’s about it for our day here in gloomy Texas.  Gina and I did take a walk around the park with the pooches this morning and I’ve played countless games of ball with Emmi. 


  1. My first couple of years on the road I was plagued with bad weather following me everywhere I went. Thankfully, the severity has lessened, and I don't get blamed any more. :)

  2. I have been looking for that pattern. Where can I find it? Or just tell me what material you used for the band around the basket, and the material for the pincushion. Thanks, Muffy

  3. Arizona is about as gloomy. Those little thingys would be neat for someone with a spinning wheel too. They are sure cute.

  4. Strange weather has Tucson. It was snowing in Marana, where the PGA Golf Match Play tournament is being held. There must have been better than two inches on the ground. It stopped the golf tournament. We had rain, very early this morning, here in Yuma but we got out on the golf course this mid-morning in cool but playable conditions. Strange....very strange weather seems to be the big topic in RV parks around here of late.

  5. those little trash bags are so cute!! nice job!

  6. I also would like to know where you obtained that pattern.

  7. Love the quilted trash bags - beats plastic bags by an Arkansas country mile!

  8. butterbean carpenterFebruary 21, 2013 at 2:56 PM

    Howdy Janna,

    Well, we started our 'retirement search' in Arkansas and besides the prices at the time the weather was a factor as to why we shifted our lookin' westward!!! I just couldn't see me on crutches or a wheelchair ON ICE ON THE SIDE OF A HILL!!! There ain't no 'flat' places in NW AR!!! I still love it tho!!! We had snow in Coleman county last evening, but it was so FOGGY you couldn't see it!!! Those utility bags your mom's making are so pretty and I bet they'll be handy!!! Tell Mike to take more pics of the platforms!!! We'd like to see more of Ms Emmi too, also!!! Hope the day's going great!!!


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