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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Off To Work

Michael started another session of work this morning, we had a good, restful week while he was off.  Emmi and I walked/ran around the park this morning then Mom and I headed to church in Rockport.  It will be interesting to see how much attendance drops off at church when all the snowbirds go north—right now both services are packed with people sitting in the vestibule on folding chairs!

I started quilting the little surprise quilt today and am about 1/3 of the way.  I am delighted with how it is turning out!

My friend Jane received her quilts—she and her husband Doug have a winter home in Maricopa, AZ and the quilts were for use in that house.  She loved them and was very pleased!!  That’s always a good thing, pleased customers!  Here are some photos of her quilts:


IMG_5992The back of the lonestar quilt.



IMG_5999IMG_6003IMG_6009-001And the back of this one.

I got a new book of quilting designs, Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters, and used some of the designs on Jane’s big block quilt—fun!

This afternoon I baked a cream cheese pound cake—just had the hankering for one—I will share with all the neighbors so we don’t end up eating too much of it!


  1. Those quilts are fabulous. So pretty. What a great way to spend your winter

  2. Beautiful work Janna! As always!

  3. Your quilts are just beautiful. Such neat work.

  4. the quilts are beautiful!! quite the keepsakes!!

  5. Nice job on the quilts - looks great.

    I believe our RV Park has some kind of church service in the main hall on Sunday mornings. I have no idea how well attended it is though as I've never gone to it.

  6. Beautiful quilts. You did a fantastic job on all the quilts. Hugs.....Pat

  7. The quilts are beautiful but I can't believe you didn't deliver them in person, and then while you were in the neighbourhood stop in at Dogpound South for a few days visiting. :)

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