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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hitch In The Plans

Well, the creek rose a little today.  Last night my husband walked into the motorhome with a very stiff neck, barely able to move his head—when my non-pill taking husband says he needs more than an aspirin, I know he is in pain.  We tried something for the pain, heat and massage and for a while it seemed better.  Right before we went to bed the pain was intense.  Michael was up and down all night long and about 4am made the decision not to go to work today. 

So, I had a hurting husband at home and didn’t get out to the quilt studio as early as I usually do.  But, I still managed to get that last bit of hand sewing done on the tool caddy and I finished the second one of Mary’s quilts.  YEA!!  I went to the post office and mailed two presents, walked Emmi a few times and visited with Gina.  As I type this she is sewing the last seam on her little lap quilt—now she gets to learn how to put the borders on a quilt. 

Michael has slept most of the afternoon and feels better.  It was a beautiful day after the wind storms of yesterday.  One of the nicer days we’ve had. 

Tonight I walked Emmi around one of the park loops—so very quiet out there and the moon is stunning!

Blue Lake2Blue Lake in Montana in August.


  1. There is nothing worse than a restless night while suffering from discomfort. Good to read that Michael is feeling better.

    I would comment on quilting if I knew something about it. I don't!

  2. Glad to hear that Michael is on the mend, and hoping he continues to improve

  3. Glad to hear that both your weather and Michael are improving. Hope that continues!

  4. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    So sorry, to hear Mike's got a 'crick-in-his-neck'!!! I drove 300 miles yesterday and my neck & arm are killing me today, even with the hot towel 'treatment'!!! Tylenol helps, tho... Sorry, Mike's boots didn't fit right & your trip was wasted... How about if you were driving your 'little' sports convertible in THAT WIND!!! Joyce's cousin in Rockport WAS scared with the wind; she was raised in Wichita Falls, she had been through tornadoes and downdrafts, but said THAT WIND scared her!!! I thought y'all would be used to wind (Mariahs) being from Montana!!! We're proud of you & Gina persevering, soldiering-on & all of that 'rot', in finishing your 'projects'!!!
    Hope Mike's neck gets to feeling better, so, he can go back to work today...


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