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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Football Fan I Am Not

Sorry Jim Meachum!  But I’ve never been crazy about football and certainly never liked it enough to sit and watch football on TV.  But there is something about the Super Bowl—it would be un-American not to watch the Super Bowl, right??  We might have done a little more eating and talking than we did watching football but that’s part of the fun.

But I sure need to remember I am retired and there is absolutely NO reason for me to go to Wal Mart on a Sunday and especially Super Bowl Sunday—a zoo, an absolute zoo!

For our Super Bowl party we had burgers and hotdogs, chicken wings, cheese dip with sausage, etc.  Delicious!  Dessert was a homemade strawberry pie—been a long time since I had strawberry pie—remember the Shoney’s restaurants and their strawberry pie?? 

So far at halftime, I’ve liked the Jeep commercial best.  I think that’s why I like to watch the Super Bowl—its one of the only times I like commercials—but then we don’t watch a lot of TV, do we!


Life is good, I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow—may not make it to games’ end.

And Emjay—you are never a “schmuck!”  Our reader was referring to the spam type of anonymous comments which have been clogging every bloggers comment section lately.  The ones which start out, “so loved reading this piece of writing… might be interested in…..”  


  1. There was a bud commercial with the Clydesdales on the internet that I loved. Those are the best ones in my book. Jim likes football so I watch with him while I read my book or read blogs. In fact here's the bud commercial now.

  2. Around here the "super bowl" likely has one of Brenda's great soups in it. The commercials are on the internet so I can catch any that sound worth it there. We had a great "gourmet ride" today and are looking forward to meeting some new/old friends tomorrow.

  3. Fools that we were, we also went shopping at Walmart today. I hated...hated...hated....the experience. We both looked at each other and I finally said that I would never, ever, experience that again. Life is too short. I would rather watch paint dry than tackle a Super Bowl Sunday WalMart excursion.

    I did enjoy watching the final few PGA golf holes that saw Phil Mickleson win the Phoenix Waste Management tournament for the third time.

  4. RE: Super Bowl Commercials. I liked the Clydsdale Commercial and the "So God Made a Farmer" Dodge Commercial

  5. It's great living in a small city. We also went to Walmart today. A very pleasant experience! And also Frys where they were grilling whole slabs of ribs for $10.00. Why cook? No waiting in line anywhere. Had a lot of lanes open. Our city---Sierra Vista, Az.

    1. By many standards, Aransas Pass is a small town, too and I think every one of its population was in Wal Mart Sunday afternoon. No checkers, lines everywhere.

  6. I don't do Wally World around Thanksgiving or Christmas either - way too crowded! I thought of all of you as I watched the terrifying sinking of the floating oil platform with the workers desperately clinging to it, heartbreaking and such a helpless feeling. All of you stay safe! Oh, your mother looks so cute on her new tri-wheel!!!!

  7. My favorites were the Dodge and Taco Bell commercials. I only watch the game for commercials and I was a little disappointed this year. I think they have been better in the past!

  8. I enjoyed the game and we talked through all the commercials so I don't know if they were good or bad. I didn't think much of Beyonce's halftime show - it sounded to me like a whole bunch of cats screaming in a barrel.

  9. I agree that Walmart is no place to be on a Sunday....much less Super Bowl Sunday.

  10. Was there a football game this past weekend:) I did watch the commercials on you tube:)

  11. It sounds like you all had a great Super bowl party!..Great friends and food with a few new commercials and a little football thrown in. I also have trouble sitting still that long but you are right....Gotta watch the Super Bowl :)

  12. butterbean carpenterFebruary 5, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    Howdy Janna & Mike, & Rollie(cause he don't blog no mo')
    How can you be a true ARKANSAS mountain william and NOT like the HOGS??? I spent my jr high & high school years with bleeding elbows, skinned knuckles & sprained ankles, because EVERYONE was supposed to love FOOTBALL & I was a baseball player, trying to like getting knocked down and wrassled to the ground!!!
    I'm like the other commenters who looked at the SB commercials on the net and wondered WHY? on earth people pay $$$$$M for such stupid trash; they give me headaches!!!
    THANKS, Mike for the pics; THEY ARE AWESOME and enlightening !!!!

    Hope this day is a great one!!!


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