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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Scary Fire

Gina and I drove over to Portland (about 10 miles) for pedicures this afternoon—on the way back over by Aransas Pass we could see a huge plume of smoke, the closer we got, the closer the smoke seemed to be to our RV park.  The fire is less than 1/2 mile from us, the TV news states a home has been destroyed, a civilian and a firefighter injured.  There is a very nice RV park on Avenue A and supposedly it has been evacuated.  Do you ever worry about leaving your pets in your RV—I do, no, it isn’t something I stay awake worrying about but the thought crosses my mind at times.  That thought certainly crossed my mind today.  If indeed that RV park was evacuated can you imagine the anguish someone would feel who couldn’t get into the park to rescue their pets???  Unimaginable!

IMG_6101The smoke visible from our RV park.

Around lunchtime I went to Rockport for a distasteful errand.  When we began talking about coming down here I had trouble finding a RV park in Aransas Pass.  Not knowing the area, I reserved a spot in a RV park in Rockport—Southern Star RV Park.  Rollie did a drive through of the park and found it was some distance from where he and Michael would be working adding another hour to their all ready long days.  Rollie was able to find us a spot in our current park and I called the manager of Southern Star to cancel our reservations a full six weeks before we were due to arrive.  The park is new-ish, still in the building stages and has no website, thus no posted cancelation policies.  The manager did not mention any cancelation polices and promised to refund the $100 when I called to cancel.

Now four months later I still do not have our $100 in spite of repeated phone calls.  I paid the guy who owns the park a visit today.  He started off telling me “we don’t do refunds,” to “write me a letter and I will refund your deposit.”  I was polite, matter of fact and insistent he return our money.  I told him if this “write me a letter” campaign does not result in me having another $100 in my wallet soon I would pay him another visit.  The RV park does have a Facebook page—perhaps I need to go public with my quest???

Michael has one more day to work—yippee!!  Mom and Chuck arrived back here today after spending the past week at home in Arkansas. 


  1. Also, be sure to post on RV Parks Review!! RV fires scare me to death. And I, too, worry about the dogs. An older motorhome was on fire down the road from us today (not in our park). Very scary.

  2. Janna, I worry about all kinds of bad things happening to our dog while we are away. Most notably the AC going off on hot days.

  3. An RV fire or some other type of disaster is precisely the reason why we seldom ever leave Molly and Rylie alone in or rig. Sometimes, it can't be helped, but we do try our best to keep it to an absolute minimum.

    Six weeks in advance is ample time for an RV Park to refund a reservation. I know here at the Sands the policy is 30 days prior to arrival.

  4. butterbean carpenterMarch 2, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Did you let the feller know that y'all are ranchers from Montana and aren't used to being 'slicked' and know how to collect at least $100 of satisfaction?? He's probably from Houston by way of Chicago or New York City!!!
    Glad your mom & Chuck got back safely; he sure got a lot of rest on his week off!! Fires down in the 'flatlands' are really scary because you don't have anything to judge distance by!!!
    Hope you don't work Mike too hard on his off-week!!!


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