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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bathing Suits and Sneezing

I think I’m allergic to the whole state of Texas—I woke when Michael got up this morning at 4:30 sneezing and I’m still sneezing, my eyes are watery and itching—what is in the air around here???  Michael and Chuck are all better now—what’s up with me??? 

I warned my readers last night—I would tell the bathing suit story tonight.  As we will be here through the summer, I thought using the pool might be in order and the last bathing suit I purchased came over on Noah’s ark—not much use for swimsuits in Montana!  My friend Mary out in Spokane is an avid swimmer and has even taught water aerobics.  She swears by Lands End swimsuits.  So about a week ago I viewed the size charts on the website and even ordered one size larger than my measurements said I would need.  WELL-----I couldn’t even get my left leg into that suit much less my rear end!!!  And it was a very ordinary one piece!!!  Geez, back to the drawing board!

As I was typing the above paragraph I almost wrote, “and it was a very conservative one piece.”  That phrase brought a chuckle.  When living in Austin, TX many years ago I was the evening supervisor in the operating room at Seton Hospital, a Catholic hospital.  My immediate supervisor was a Catholic sister named Sister Janet.  I loved this woman, she was the best boss I ever had.  She could bring the greatest of surgeons to his knees, stop his cursing and throwing instruments just by walking into the room.  One day she was telling us a story about floating down the Guadalupe River in an inner tube, drinking strawberry daiquiris and getting very intoxicated.  Well, I was a little intrigued by the “getting intoxicated” part—Catholic sisters do that???  But what I really wanted to know was just what did a Catholic sister wear while floating in an inner tube so I asked her.  Sister Janet replied, “a swimsuit, but a very conservative one piece.”  All of us in the room got a chuckle out of that comment and it still brings a smile to my face—I wonder where Sister Janet is today?

Mom and I quilted today.  Came close to finishing Jane’s lonestar quilt and Mom got started on a special baby quilt for me. 

No photos today—ones I took in the park were just blah!  Michael took some great ones today at the yard and I will do a post on those tomorrow night—my benadryl is kicking in—time for bed!


  1. I hope the alergies/cold are short lived. Sr. Janet sounds like a 'real' nun. Would have loved to have met her. Doesn't it make you mad when sizes aren't true, especially when mail orders are involved. Good luck finding that conservative suit!!!

  2. When I was stationed in Texas almost forty years ago, I was sure I was allergic to Texas. Turned out it was just allergic to the pollution of the Houston Ship Channel:)

  3. hope you feel better in the the 'sister story' funny!!

  4. I think you can return Lands End to Sears.

  5. What a chuckle on the swimsuit story... hope your sneezies are gone soon.
    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  6. I have been sneezing since I arrived in Arizona and have for the last 3 years . There is something different in the air here. Your last two post have had me laughing out loud. I can't wait to hear about your summer in Texas while I am freezing back home in Canada.


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