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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Clampets Are Back In Town

Yep, we are looking like the Beverly Hillibillies again!  Rollie has talked about getting a golf cart since we got here and today he brought one home—one that needs a little work, a few batteries $$, and some tender loving care.


Michael, Emmi and I took a drive today and a walk along the bay—the ferry lines were so long yesterday, we didn’t want to attempt a weekend crossing.  We had lunch at Mickey’s on the bay—a wonderful spot for lunch on a beautiful sunny Saturday—the restaurant sits above one of the canals and looks out over the bay, there isn’t a bad seat in the house!  IMG_6039

Back home I worked on the little surprise quilt—Rollie arrived soon after with Ms. Gina—she has been in New Jersey doing nanny detail.  I’m not sure Ms. Gina was very impressed with her husband’s newest treasure—the golf cart! Smile The guys got to work and installed the six new batteries along with all new cables—it runs!! Smile


We are now relaxing, Michael starts another two weeks of work tomorrow—and I’ve got quilts to quilt! 


  1. Emmi looks like she is enjoy the 'ride'!!

  2. Love the pic of you and Emmie in the golf cart. Measuring tape and all.
    Bev in ns.

  3. Anyone planning on some golf rounds....or is it an RV park 'getaround' vehicle?

    That photo with Emmi sitting nicely next to you on the golf cart is really cute.

  4. Great pic of your co-pilot Emmi! Those golf carts are a real menace here at the Sands. They're zipping around everywhere and show up when you least expect them.

  5. I can see in your faces you and Emmi love it!!!

  6. Howdy J&M,
    NA NA NA- NAH NAH We've got one too, also, on the ranch which we went to the neighbors in the other day, used ALL of the juice and had to DRAG it a mile back to the house!!! Keep the charger hooked up, Rollie!!!
    Are Rollie& Mike going to use it on the rig or just to run around in?? You could RACE your mom on her bike!!
    NASCAR in the RV park!!! I didn't see nanny Gina in it!!! Emmi looks so cooool !!! Hope you get back to the long-arm and don't spend all of your time on the GC!!! Love the smile!!!


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