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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something Different

Thought my readers might be getting tired of reading about what we had for lunch each day or how many loads of laundry I did so here’s something different!!

Reading through the blogs this morning I came across a post on Muffy’s Marks about Cadbury Eggs at Easter time.   The below quote was attached to one of the “egg” comments and the comment belonged to a blogger called Auntie Sezzzzz

"I never considered a difference of opinion

in politics, in religion, in philosophy,

as cause for withdrawing from a friend."

~~Thomas Jefferson

I love this quote and hope that my speech and actions mirror these words.  Our small community has become divided by politics in recent years, ugly divided.  And I hate it!!  Even families aren’t speaking to other family members.  Friends aren’t friends anymore. 

What happened to politeness and good manners?  What happened to respect?   What happened to differences of opinion and respecting the right to have that different opinion? 

I’ve been known recently to ask guests in our home to leave their politics at the door.  I’ve been known to interrupt a political rant in our home with a very bland, benign question such as, “gee, Tom, where did you get that gorgeous shirt?”  If the conversation is making people uncomfortable, bored or angry, time to change the subject!

Now, we’ve had some rousing political discussions in the homes of friends, initiated by the host and hostess when they were sure of the political persuasion of all their guests.  It was fun and interesting, a totally different situation. 

It is the same in blog land.  If someone leaves a comment with an opinion different than mine that’s OK.  If someone leaves a nasty comment with a differing opinion—that’s different—they make a “delete” button for those and this blog writer doesn’t hesitate to use the “delete” button!

Again, what happened to politeness, respect and good manners? 

I hope I never discard a friendship due to politics or religion!  Ever!! 

IMG_2713A rainbow over the West Boulder mountains this morning—beautiful!


  1. Well said. And I so agree or maybe disagree as the subjects change. But I am grateful we do have different opinions when they can be expressed with respect.

  2. Beautiful picture! And, I totally agree with your comments.

  3. Very pretty Rainbow,,,,,,:-)
    You can say anything to me,,,as long as your SMILIN when you say it.....

  4. Life can be funny sometimes..we can all agree to disagree and move on..and some move on and never come back..makes me sad to think that a difference in opinion can end a 'friendship'! it as it may.. such is life!..
    I am just as stubborn as the next person but I always come back, eventually!!
    have a great Saturday and Sunday too!!

  5. I don't do politics or religion. I do however try to be respectful...

  6. you can't simply ignore politics, 'cause that 800 lb gorilla in the corner has a Die-rect impact on you... how-some-ever... "Insults are the arguments used by those who are wrong - AND Know it!" ... so I Agree! if you can't "debate" with wit, wisdom and courtesty... go take a walk! ;)

  7. Mary Lou MontgomeryApril 1, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    Loved your comments regarding politics and religious beliefs, it's ok to disagree, just don't try to force me into your frame of mind, that's when I have to remember to use my "filter"! Love your filter, "where did you get that beautiful shirt", you are so clever!!

    Thanks again for a great read every night. I have really become disappointed with some of the blogs I usually read, they write so little anymore I just keep checking back again and again to a lack of posting. Reading my favorite blogs is my relaxation each night and yours always delivers.

    Don't worry about telling those of us that stalk you about your day. I enjoy it and it helps me know there are others out there that deal with the everyday blessings that I do! cooking, laundry and yard work! I love the pictures you post of your quilting, love the photo's you post of your dog. My Yorkie also loves the great big balls to push around. Her favorite though are the hot pink and lime green nylon frisbee's - she's probably gone through one of those a year for 10 years. Loves them!

  8. Well said, Janna. I don't see the political discourse getting any better in the U.S. for a while. If anything, it seems to get worse every time we head south. I sure don't have any solution that's for sure.

    But I think your blog makes some great points in the right direction.

  9. It's kind of like the door to door religious people. Ok I'll spend a few minutes listening or reading your literature, after all only a totally closed mind wont see the others opionion, but dont try to tell me that my religion / idea/ slant is wrong and try to cram your ideas down my throat..same w/ politics I have my idea you have yours, maybe I can make a point you appreciate and vice versa, but shouldnt be the grounds for animosity.


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