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Friday, March 16, 2012

And They Say Chicago Is Windy

Michael went for a short walk last evening around 5pm just to get some fresh air—sometime between then and this morning when we walked the wind must have really, really blown!!IMG_2564Well, well—that’s our horse shelter and the metal roof is in the wrong place!  That horse shelter has been in that same spot for over 10 years!  We’ve experienced some wind living where we do but the wind must have howled last night!

When we stopped at Costco the other day we purchased a bunch of meats—a huge pork loin for cutting into pork chops, sirloin steaks, hamburger, pork tenderloin, chicken, shrimp.  Yesterday I spent a couple hours repackaging all that meat for the freezer—we should be good for the rest of the summer.  As most of you know we live 100 miles from any kind of decent grocery store—there is an Albertson’s in Livingston, 50 miles away but their groceries are very expensive.  So, we have two refrigerators and a chest freezer.  With the price of gasoline and diesel it pays for us to stock up when we are in the big city. 

The motorhome is unloaded and everything is put away, the sheets are washed and the bed is re-made.  We are good to go again! 

Michael is feeling much better today, much better.  He doesn’t have much energy but that is to be expected.

My energy is about zero, too, and I’m not sick.  I just think we traveled too hard getting home, the time change and maybe even the change in elevation from sea level to 5200 feet??? 

IMG_2563Storms have brewed over the West Boulder all day.  The weather man says we may get rain over the weekend, snow on Monday.

IMG_2566Lots and lots of deer in the neighbor’s pasture with the Crazy Mountains in the background.

In spite of not feeling the greatest, it is good to be home, very good!


  1. glad to see Mike is feeling better...I'm also not disappointed to be starting the loop back will be good to get home..

  2. Beautiful pics. You guys just a few days to recharge, all those things you mentioned add up.

  3. Too bad about the horse shelter. Hope it can be fixed. You always have such beautiful pictures from your home.

  4. there is no place like home!..have a lovely weekend!..hope it's a good one!

  5. Mountains and Deer, doesn't get much better. Cool your jets awhile and it will be better.

  6. The winds have been pretty strong here in northern CA too. The storm we're in is heading your way!

    I'm sure the horse shelter will be returned to its rightful place.

  7. When you're not feeling great, home is the best place to be - especially when you have your kitchen stocked! Yes, you two have had a hard ride... now is the time to kick back and recover. Glad to see photos of "home" again!

  8. Great photo of the deer in the pasture. It seems this big storm is hitting everywhere - we're supposed to get hit today in Desert Hot Springs today. Although the sun is out and it's nice this morning.

  9. Some pretty country there. Glad your hubby is feeling better & you're settled into your home again.


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