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Friday, March 23, 2012

Saw A Robin Today

Our first robin presented himself today, he is probably going to get snow on his feathers before it is really spring in Montana.  It was a beautiful day on this Friday.

Michael cut up a log which had fallen on our walking path sometime this winter.  It was a little tricky to step over the log and not slip on the icy snowdrift on the other side!

I hate exercise—hate it!!  I love going for walks and hikes but I hate lifting weights or yoga or any other form of exercise but I do it—sometimes!  Then it was off to the quilting studio for me.  I attached a sleeve which I had forgotten to do to the Christmas wall hanging, now I can start hand stitching the binding.  I also patched a shirt for Michael and did some other darning type stuff. 

For lunch I prepared a dish I saw on the website Pinterest—Cheesy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Aioli.  When Michael walked into the kitchen and peered in the skillet his remark was, “what’s that, sure hope it’s not crab cakes.”  No dear, not crab cakes.  It was good, the quinoa cakes need a little work—not enough flavor but I’m going to work on that because Michael actually said he liked it!!!  What made a rancher like something made with quinoa????  The aioli—sauce made with mayo, lemon juice, garlic and enough cayenne pepper to give it a bite.  IMG_2616

After lunch I worked on the quilt I started last fall and worked on this winter while in the motorhome.  I’m not happy with the pattern but maybe it will turn out OK in the end. 

Jeff stopped by late this afternoon, his parents own our former ranch and house—Jeff goes to college in Bozeman and comes over on weekends some.  He has buddies from home—Colorado—coming for the weekend. 

For dinner I made a more normal dish, chicken on the grill, oven fries and steamed spinach.  We do eat well around here.

On our walk this morning a bunny was sitting right out in front of us, Emmi spotted him and gave chase—not that she could ever catch one!  This bunny was smart, he darted into a culvert.  Emmi really wanted to get that bunny:


But she just wasn’t small enough to get in the culvert!

IMG_2617Rain clouds over the Crazy Mountains.


  1. Emmi's so funny. While she was trying to get in one end of the culvert the rabbit probably ran out the other end. Give her an "A" for effort.

    The last couple of months of winter were so mild that the robins showed up very early here. Hope they don't get any snowy surprises because the fruit trees are starting to bloom a month early too.

  2. way to go after the rabbit, Emmi! will catch it next time!!

  3. I'm with you on that exercise thing. Do not like doing any kind of exercise just for the sake of doing exercise. Prefer the natural exercise of walking, working or hiking.


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