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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home By 5:30PM

My horse (oops, husband, driver) couldn’t sleep this morning so we got an early start!  Fought 30-40 mph broadside wind gusts all day.  By the time we roll into the driveway we will have traveled over 500 miles today.  I’m posting this blog as we drive through the Billings area in case our local telephone company didn’t get the internet and phone going today.

I knew we were out of a lot of large items at home such as paper towels and toilet paper.  We also needed to stock the freezer with meat, etc.  So a Costco stop was in order—it took two shopping carts and it almost took one more!!  Here’s what the floor of the motorhome looks like now as we travel:IMG_2553 The refrigerator is stuffed—be careful when you open the door. 

It was very good to see our snow draped mountains today!  It will be even better to see our home in the mountains!


  1. Looks like you have supplies now ~ LOL LOL! Glad you arrived home safely ~

  2. Oh, did I laugh at your photo!!

    I'll bet Michael is so glad to get home. I hope now he can rest and get well.

  3. Egad! Never thought about that aspect of returning to a sticks-n-bricks.

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  5. welcome home Mike, Janna and Emmi!..glad you arrived safely!!

  6. glad your home safe and I think some rest is in order :) I also am looking forward to getting back to the stix and bricks...

  7. Now you have to find a place and put away all those provisions. I'd hate to be you!!! But, I'm sure you are glad to be home.

  8. Glad you got home OK.

    We're leaving Palm Springs for the West Coast tomorrow morning. It will be a slow drive up....but a fun one too!

  9. Glad you are home too!!!! I have bunches of quilts to send to you. Hope Mike gets to feeling better. Need to talk to you on the land line before I send quilts to you.
    Love Ya, Marti'

  10. Welcome home! Good to hear you are safely back.
    I will have to do shopping like that when we return home also. Our refrigerator died while we were gone, so we have buy one of those too! Oh the joy of a sticks and bricks! LOL!
    Our "pink" coach is in Biloxi right now.


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