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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday In Florida

Wow!!!  The wind blew hard all day yesterday and into the evening.  At 3am this morning we were pounded with strong wind gusts and driving rain.  Our screened tent along with Gail and Matt’s withstood the storm.  There are lots of palm fronds and other tree branches scattered all over the park today.  And the humidity left along with the warm temps—today there is a gusty cool wind and much cooler temps—makes me happy!

After our walk around the park this morning I got dressed and went into Cedar Key for church.  The minister asks visitors to stand, say your name and where you are from.  During the meet and greet a gentleman came up to me and asked where in Montana we lived.  When I told him he replied, “our family has a cabin south of Big Timber up the Boulder.”  Small world we live in for sure!IMG_2478

We had a delicious lunch when I arrived back home—chicken/pineapple/pepper/onion/tomato kabobs with cayenne pepper/lime butter—grilled and served over quinoa.  YUM! 

We spent the rest of the day puttering—a little laundry, making bread, playing ball with Emmi. 

IMG_2477The little Cedar Key market where I picked up a few items this morning—you can buy wine on Sunday in Levy County, Florida. Smile

OK, Bird Lady Judy, help me out here, I can’t decide what this guy is—he is standing on the bank of Buddy, the alligator’s pond—he better be careful!


A good day in Florida.


  1. Looks like an adult Little Blue Heron to me.

    I'm so relieved that you got dressed for church. I bet folks enjoyed your morning walk in the raw. ;)

  2. Yupper ~ small world indeed... I guess Elaine told you about then knowing our neighbors here at Rainbow Village... that was funny! We had the BIG winds too... then cooler weather!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. You sure do have some great lunches!

  4. Hope the winds die off and you can get back to a full outdoor adventure.


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