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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Very Long Billings Day

I dropped the little convertible at the tire shop this morning and Nat picked me up—we then headed for Billings where he had an appointment at 11am for a MOHS procedure at Billings Clinic.  It is almost 9pm and I am just now getting home.  Nat had an extensive cancer on the side of his nose and it required a lot of reconstructive surgery late this afternoon.  Dr. Lund and his team of nurses did a great job and were fun to be around.  I’m not so sure Nat thought it was much fun!

And with that said, I am off to bed, my allergies are kicking my butt! 


  1. It is always hard to just sit and wait. Hope Nat bounces back quickly, with no further procedures in store.


  2. sleep well Janna..hope you are feeling better in the morning..
    and sending Nat..get well thoughts too!

  3. Lots of prayers and hugs for Nat, Loralee, and you and Mike as well as the rest of the family. Sometimes life can be really hard.


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