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Sunday, March 11, 2012

On The Road Again

Saturday was another day of eating and visiting.  A very good day!  Breakfast at Danny and Ann’s then the guys took off to split and haul some firewood.  Ann eventually got in on the work, too!IMG_2527IMG_2532I started a batch of homemade bread and ferried Ann over to where the guys were cutting firewood.  Elizabeth was hanging out with me.  The wood crew including Eric, Niki and the girls gathered at the house for lunch—a good old southern, heart stopping lunch—pinto beans, cornbread, cabbage and fried potatoes.  We fed poor Michael some leftover ham as he isn’t into eating beans and cornbread nor cabbage! 

Mom and I went to visit Aunt Valeta later in the afternoon—she is Mom’s oldest living sister.  Her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and daughter were there—it was fun to see them all.

The entire gang, all 15 of us gathered at Danny and Ann’s for a farewell dinner last night—oh, my!  Brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, salads, corn on the cob and a Pioneer Woman dessert—apple cake. 

Changed our clocks before going to bed—I hate daylight savings time—and got up this morning in the dark.  We are rolling north today. 

Niki was sick, her foster baby was sick and Chuck (Mom’s husband) was sick—last night Michael went to bed not feeling the greatest, this morning he got up with a very sore throat.  I am dosing him with cough drops, fluids and Sudafed.  We will see what happens!  IMG_2542My nephew ClaytonIMG_2546My brother Ross—about 30 minutes prior to this photo this horse bucked him off.  He says the ground is a little harder at 50 than it was at 20 years old!  Ross was moving a little slow last night!

IMG_2548Two sweet little girls, Elizabeth and Leah, my great nieces. 

Sad to leave but eager to get rolling again.


  1. (smilin) haha, I like a horse that bucks ya off once in a while!!! Or at least tries to. Kinda keeps you on your toes,,,ridin buckin horses is fun,,,I made a livin doing it for a good many years.... Do it for fun,,,?? No Way Hosay...

    Enjoy your trip...see ya in Montana..
    Mike;;; I got some stuff that a good friend gave me that will do wonders on that sore throat... Its called MAKERS MARK......:-) take care!

  2. Wait a minute! Wait a freaking minute!! Michael doesn't like beans??? What kind of cowboy is that guy, anyway??

    Janna, get some zinc lozenges (available at any CVS or Walgreens, etc.) and get Mike started on them if you think the problem is a cold. They work best if the patient starts them at the very first signs of a cold, and they really do cut the cold's longevity. Might be too late for Michael by the time you get them, but keep 'em around in case YOU begin to get a scratchy throat.

  3. another travel day!..we wish you safe travels..hope Mike is feeling better soon!!

  4. Great family visit - albeit some sickness. Hope Michael is felling OK for the drive north.

  5. Hope Michael gets better, and you don't get the crud. Yup, warming up time to head north.

  6. Yaaaay Mike, I'm on your side. Give me some left over ham any day besides that beany stuff......

  7. Hey Janna, I'm w/Mike ... Give some meat w/those beans!


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