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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cedar Key State Museum

We continued with our learning today—after a delicious lunch of Shrimp Lo Mein using some of our Gulf shrimp we headed off to the Cedar Key State Museum.  The museum is dedicated to the memory of St. Clair Whitman, a Cedar Key resident involved with the two major industries ever located in Cedar Key, the pencil factory and the fiber mill.  He also assembled one of the most complete shell collections ever. The home depicted in the photos belonged to Mr. Whitman and was moved to this museum property.


IMG_2444IMG_2445Cedar Key during the 1880’s was one of the most important ports in Florida.  Only Jacksonville, Fernandina, Pensacola and Key West ranked ahead of it.  The need for deep harbors and the advent of iron-clad ships caused the eventual decline of the once busy port and shipyard. 

IMG_2464Today’s Cedar Key waterfront. 

Back out to the RV park we found Buddy sunning himself:IMG_2465IMG_2466With camera zoomed!

Our neighbors Larry and Corrine stopped over to chat and we were soon joined by Matt, Gail and Barbara, Gail’s cousin visiting from Pennsylvania.  As the afternoon came to a close we headed into the Tiki Bar to watch the sunset.

Matt and Gail took along Ms Freeway who proved her prowess as a female Houdini!  Gail was sitting participating in the conversation with Freeway’s leash in her hand, I suddenly noticed Freeway headed back along the motel away from us—my first thought was, “geez that’s a long leash,”  when I realized Freeway was loose—she had slipped out of her harness!  IMG_2467Matt and Freeway checking out the grass.


It was a beautiful, sunny day in Florida.


  1. really nice to see your smiling faces!!..great shot!!

  2. The weather has improved. Nice photos too,especially with the two of you.


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